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Celia & Joe
Celia & Joe's wedding is now featured on Christina Florada Photography.
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Anne & John
"As promised I'm forwarding some pictures of my beautiful bridesmaids wearing the dresses you made. The girls dresses looked wonderful and drew many compliments."
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Megan & Joe
"Thank you for the great quality, timely delivery and beautiful color. We received so many compliments and the great material and gorgeous turquoise color as well as the fit!"
Megan and Joe's wedding is now featured on Love Light Studio.
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Julia & Rick
"The bridesmaids dresses turned out beautiful, so many people complemented us on the color of the dresses."
Julia and Rick's wedding is now featured on AJ Studio - Photography.
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Maria & Rune
"Thank you so much! You must have angels working for you to be able to fully construct someone's dream dress in a week! Truly incredible!"
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The dress(es) purchased:
"Thank you so much! You must have angels working for you to be able to fully construct someone's dream dress in a week! Truly incredible!"
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Theresa & Joshua
"I just wanted to say thank you for the dresses! They fit great and are so beautiful!"
Morgan & Rob's wedding is now featured on Sami Jo Photography.

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Morgan & Rob
Morgan & Rob's wedding is now featured on Sami Jo Photography. View more photos:

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Prue & Grant
"Just thought I would send through some pics of my bridesmaids in the dresses I ordered form you! We were very happy with them and they received a lot of compliments! Ordering was easy and they arrived very quickly!! Thanks!!"
Prue & Grant's wedding is now featured on Paula Brown Photography.

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Simon & Stacey

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Stephanie & Brandon
"I was very pleased with how beautiful my bridesmaid dresses turned out.I wanted to share these photos with you."
Stephanie & Brandon's wedding is now featured on Jonathan Dyer Photography.

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Jenna & Clay
Jenna & Clay's wedding is now featured on Cailin Smith Photography. The girls looked amazing in Tulle and Chantilly's bridesmaid dresses! View more photos:

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Kiesha & Jack
Kiesha & Jack's wedding is now featured on Marlon Richardson Photography. View more photos:

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Laura & Ryan
Laura and Ryanís wedding is now featured on Scott Ouwinga Photography. View more photos: http://www.tulleandchantilly.com/blog/laura-and-ryans-beach-inspired-wedding/

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Cassandra & Eric
Cassandra and Ericís wedding is now featured on Christa Taylor. View more photos: http://www.tulleandchantilly.com/blog/whimsical-country-wedding-inspiration-cassandra-and-eric/. Cassandra's wedding is also featured on Style Me Pretty.

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Leslie & Ross
Leslie & Rossís wedding is featured on Christina Block Photography. View more photos:

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Megan & Carlos
Megan & Carlosís wedding is now featured on Pierce Lifestyle Photo. View more photos: http://www.tulleandchantilly.com/blog/megan-and-carloss-bright-outdoor-wedding-in-san-miguel/

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Debbie & Adam
Debbie & Adam's wedding is featured on Limelife Photography. View more photos:

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Hannah & Travis
Hannah & Travis's wedding is featured on Shelley Elena Photography. View more photos:

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Sarah & Jeff
Sarah & Jeff's wedding is featured on John Rice Photographer. View more photos:

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Kari & Jason
Kari & Jasonís wedding is featured on Ron Dressel Photography . View more photos: http://www.tulleandchantilly.com/blog/the-story-of-kari-and-her-beautiful-maids-in-different-shades-of-pink/

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