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Tulle & Chantilly - The Customized Bridal Shop

Every lady has a dream of the ultimate romantic wedding with her Prince Charming. However not every lady can afford the price tag that comes with extravagant and lavish details, such as a stunning Vera Wang wedding gown, nor have one custom designed and made as the stars in the spotlight have. However here at 'Tulle and Chantilly', we specialize in custom made wedding gowns and offer everyone the chance to design their very own special dresses, all we ask is that you provide us with some of your thoughts and ideas regarding the design details that inspire you and at the drop of a magic wand we will have your dress ready!

Tulle and Chantilly is still in its infancy when it comes to the world of weddings. However we are a dedicated team of specialists with a quaint little studio set up in Hong Kong. With bags of inspiration on our doorstep and easy access to amazing quality materials; it makes both our prices and quality extremely competitive.

A Brief Introduction To Our Head Designer, Rachel.

Rachel is originally from the UK and first joined our team in back in 2009 and soon became indispensable to our team; she has a flair for all things vintage and loves handmade projects. Rachel prides herself on her creative and innovative design skills ranging from original sketches to tailor-made garments. She has a talent for meeting customers demanding needs, while generating new trendy designs for the wedding market. Rachel currently has over 80% of her designs on our site. Here is the tailoring process of Rachel making a custom-made wedding dress (click image to enlarge).

The Models:

Bust 84cm/32.3inches
Waist 59cm/27.6inches
Hip 89cm/38.2inches
Height(without shoes) 176cm/70.9inches

Bust 85cm/35.5inches
Waist 61cm/26.8inches
Hip 88cm/39.0inches
Height(without shoes) 177cm/68.9inches

Bust 82cm/32.3inches
Waist 70cm/27.6inches
Hip 97cm/38.2inches
Height(without shoes) 180cm/70.9inches
Size US6

Bust 90cm/35.5inches
Waist 68cm/26.8inches
Hip 99cm/39.0inches
Height(without shoes) 175cm/68.9inches
Size US8

Paul: Professional Photographer from Munich, Germany, with 5 years of extensive work experience, he is greatly inspired by fashion magazines and edits and loves to create new concept ideas for photo-shoots to keep ahead of the game.

We also have assistant designer Maria, tailor and pattern maker Gloria, Customers Services Lauren, Susan and Janet.

Over the past few years we have managed to help many lovely ladies with their challenge to create their perfect dream gown.
Click here to hear some of their personal stories.

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