15 Prettiest Bouquets Ideas for Fall Wedding

15 Prettiest Bouquets Ideas for Fall Wedding

For modern brides, holding wedding bouquets would not only disguise your nervous shaking hands (it’s one of the most important day in your life!), but also make you more beautiful and prettier. Furthermore, these blooms will help to create a special wedding look with your own ideas and thoughts. And nowadays, your options for bouquets are limitless, from real flowers, fabric, succulent plants and paper to even crystal.We already have known that finding the one would be quite difficult.

A proper wedding bouquet needs to match your wedding theme, colors and decorations. So here we gather several cute wedding flower ideas for you to consider! Whether your wedding style tends to the old tradition, simple modern fashion or the most popular trend, these bouquets ideas are a feast for the eyes and there is always one for you. Enjoy!

coral and orange bridal bouquet
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coral pink and purple boho wedding bouquet
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Dark Purple and Coral Wedding Bouquet
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deep red and white winter wedding bouquet
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ombre white and deep red garden roses wedding bouquet
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orange and puprle wedding bouquet
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Pink and Coral Peony bouquet for wedding
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pink and yellow bridal bouquet idea
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pastel pink and purple bridal bouquet
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purple and blue wedding bouquet
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pink roses wedding bouquet for fall weddings
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Red and Purple Roses Bouquet for Wedding
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mix of colors purple and orange fall bridal bouquet
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colorful flowers wedding bouquet
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colorful fall bridal bouquet idea
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2014 Spring Wedding Colors & Trends

Exciting news…Pantone has just recently revealed its top colors for Spring 2014 and we can’t wait to introduce these gorgeous lush colors for all our brides to be. Not only will we focus on the colors, but we will also bring some ideas and the main trends, which cleverly make use of these popular spring colors, perfect for any wedding venue.

Spring 2014 wedding colors from Pantone

photo credit:pantone

 Spring is such a great time to hold a wedding venue; it makes such a great metaphor for marriage and the beginning of life and ultimately new beginnings. Popular colors are usually associated with nature and color palettes will often be toned and watered down into pastel shades, however this season you will see some brights that move with the transitional period into summer, so watch out for those juicy oranges, dazzling blue and egg yolk yellows. The start of spring will see more cooler pastel blues and mints, which will scream spring wedding to all your guests.

Dazzling Blue

spring 2014 wedding colors - dazzling blue wedding ideas

dazzling blue bridesmaid dresses for wedding 2014

dazzling blue wedding decor

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spring wedding colors - hemlock green wedding ideas 2014

hemrock wedding invitation

pthoto credit: wedding chicks//invites

Celosia orange

spring 2014 wedding color celosia orange ideas

orange peony wedding bouquet

orange wedding decor

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spring 2014 wedding color - paloma gray wedding ideas

paloma bridesmaid dresses for 2014

paloma wedding signs

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7


summer wedding colors - sand spring summer 2014 wedding color comb

beach wedding

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7


freesia spring 2014 wedding color - bright yellow wedding ideas

freesia spring wedding 2014 color groomsman

freesia wedding cake for spring wedding 2014

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Radiant Orchaid

spring 2014 wedding colors - radiant orchaid wedding ideas

orchid purple wedding flowers

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5

Placid Blue

spring 2014 wedding colors - placid blue wedding ideas

placid blue bridesmaid dresses 2014

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spring 2014 wedding color trend cayenne bridesmaid dreses ideas

cayenne spring wedding color-wedding decor

cayenne wedding bouquet

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Violet Tulip

violet spring 2014 wedding color trend with bridesmaid dresses ideas

violet tulip spring wedding 2014 color-bridesmaid dresses

violet tulip wedding decor

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

So how do you choose your color? Well it’s easy really, make sure you choose a color that you love and that really reflects your personality and persona. If cool pastel shades don’t really agree with your fiery loud personality then it may seem strange to guests, so make sure it really says you. Also consider how to mix your colors, don’t just stick to one, and why not try using a stronger accent color to help blend in with your chosen color. Plus don’t be afraid to stick to these colors, choose a darker shade or lighter tint of some of these popular colors, you’ll still be on trend but using it to your advantage.

More color combs will come soon……..

Top 10 Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaids not just as your nearest friends but take an important role in your wedding. Bridesmaid dresses should complement your wedding color scheme and look in fashion. Check our post of top 10 bridesmaid colors for 2013~2014 to choose the suitable dresses for your gals.

Number 1. Mint

This pale green shade is so hot right now on all ready-to-wear runways, and we think it’s a gorgeous choice for a wedding. Great teamed with gold and white this color doesn’t have to stop at the dresses.

2014 tend mint bridesmaid dresses - spring summer wedding ideas

long mint bridesmaid dresses

short mint bridesmaid dresses

fresh mint chiffon bridesmaid dresses trends for spring summer wedding

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Number 2. Coral

A fabulous color at beach weddings and its been seen all over red carpet venues this year making it a popular choice that translates perfectly down the aisle. A great shade for both summer and autumn wedding venues.

coral pink bridesmaid dresses 2014 trend for spring summer wedding

long coral pink bridesmaid dresses for spring 2014

long coral bridesmaid dresses 2014

photo credits: 1/2/3/4

Number 3. Emerald

Pantone’s color of the year, and we couldn’t agree with them more. We love this flattering shade of green and will really stand out on your big day and most importantly on the photographs. Plus we think most maids would be rather happy having to sport this color.

emerald green bridesmaid dresses for 2014 wedding

emerald green bridesmaid dresses 2014

 photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5

Number 4. Bright Purple

A wedding color staple, purple is just as popular as ever, but we love this almost-neon shade, which helps spice things up a little. A great color in the height of summer.

bright purple bridesmaid dresses 2014 wedding ideas

african violet bridesmaid dresses for 2014

short bridesmaid dresses 2014 purple

Row 2: styleinspirationanddesign  Row 3: Photography by Christina McNeill via Snippet and Ink

 Number 5. Blush

The palest of pinks makes a flattering and feminine bridesmaid dress color, which translates well at any wedding venue.

blush bridesmaid dresses 2014 wedding trend

blush pink bridesmaid dresses for spring 2014

blush pink long bridesmaid dresses 2014

elegant long blush pink tulle bridesmaid dresses
tulle blush pink bridesmaid dresses styles 2015

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Number 6. Dark Blue

Remember Kate Middleton’s engagement dress? Well dress designers were clearly inspired by the dark blue hues, since this color has been seen everywhere in the last few years. We love its preppy style, which is flattering on so many skin tones, which works well for both casual and formal weddings.

2014 dark bule bridesmaid dresses wedding trend

dark navy bridesmaid dress

photo credits: 1/2/TBQP221

Number 7. White

Yes, your bridesmaids can wear white! Once considered taboo, we predict that white bridesmaid dresses will remain popular throughout 2013 and into the following year. And don’t worry that your bridesmaids will be confused with the bride – as long as the bride styles her dress a little different, for example with a veil and long train, then there’s no worries about a mistaken bride.

white bridesmaid dress trend for 2014 wedding

white long v-neck bridesmaid dresses 2014

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5

Number 8. Black

There’s nothing chic than an LBD (Little Black Bridesmaid Dress). Not only does black look great on most skin tones, it’s also a wardrobe staple that your bridesmaids will wear again and again. To add a touch of femininity to an edgy black dress, look for dresses that incorporate another hot bridesmaid trend – lace.

2014 bridesmaid dresses black wedding trend

long black bridesmaid dresses

photo credits: 1/2/3/4

Number 9. Gray

Many brides are incorporating gray in their color schemes – it has a lighter, less dramatic feel to black, and can match and blend with most color schemes. A great color for any season.

grey bridesmaid dresses for gray wedding color 2014

short gray bridesmaid dresses 2014

trending gray tulle and lace bridesmaid dresses

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Number 10. Nude

Pale neutrals are all the rage – we love the pairing of nude bridesmaid dresses with all-white bouquets. Just make sure all your maids are happy in this color to avoid unhappy maids.

top 10 brdiesmaid dresses nude color for wedding 2014

nude bridesmaid dresses 2014

photo credits: 1/2/3