{Design Your Own Wedding Dress} Delaine’s Long Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress

{Design Your Own Wedding Dress} Delaine’s Long Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress

Happy Friday, ladies! It has been a long time for not showing our customizing work and do you miss it? So here today we would like to introduce you one of our lovely customers – Delaine’s customized wedding dress! We were so thrilled with excitement at the sight of Delaine wearing the lace bridal gown from her amazing wedding photos! And Brass & Twine Photography captured every single beautiful moment! Enjoy it with us!

And want to know how we create this dress? Click here!

real wedding photo

long lace sleeved wedding dress

elegant lace wedding dress with bouquet

graceful elegant a-line wedding dress

lace wedding dress with long sleeves

a-line lace bridal wedding dress

elegant wedding dress with veil

beautiful customized lace wedding dress

Tulle and Chantilly customized lace bridal gown

lace wedding dress with tulle veil

elegant tulle and lace wedding gown

elegant lace wedding dress with veils

wedding cememony photo

wedding reception with cakes

happy newly wed couple

real wedding couple photo

Wedding Dress: Tulle & Chantilly (click here for more info about this dress)
Photographer: Brass & Twine

Joanna and Keon: Colorful Garden Wedding Inspiration

Joanna and Keon: Colorful Garden Wedding Inspiration

Joanna and Keon's wedding_7

Joanna and Keon settled on a garden wedding in Whetstone Park of Roses, Ohio. With colorful bouquets, jewel tone color décor and seed favors, the sweet couple showed us a gorgeous early autumn wedding, which was full of love and happiness.

We just knew Joanna was different from other brides from our first contact. She demands an emerald green wedding dress in her very first email, which was a challenge to our designers from dyeing, tailoring to hand sewing. Fortunately, we succeeded and Joanna was remarkably beautiful when she tried it on. So ladies, just enjoy Joanna and Keon’s wedding photos where Sarah Babcock Studio captured each and every moment to perfection.

Joanna and Keon's wedding_1

Joanna and Keon's wedding_2

Joanna and Keon's wedding_3

Joanna and Keon's wedding_4

Joanna and Keon's wedding_5

Joanna and Keon's wedding_6

Joanna and Keon's wedding_8


Joanna and Keon's wedding_9

Sarah Babcock Studio www.babcockstudio.com

Joanna and Keon's wedding_11

Joanna and Keon's wedding_12

Joanna and Keon's wedding_13

Joanna and Keon's wedding_14

Joanna and Keon's wedding_15

Joanna and Keon's wedding_18

Joanna and Keon's wedding_16

Joanna and Keon's wedding_17

Joanna and Keon's wedding_21

Joanna and Keon's wedding_20

Joanna and Keon's wedding_19

Joanna and Keon's wedding_22

Joanna and Keon's wedding_23

Joanna and Keon's wedding_24

Photographer: Sarah Babcock Studio
Venue: Whetstone Park of Roses
Wedding Dress: Tulle & Chantilly (click here to find more about this dress)
Cake Designer: bake me happy
Beauty: The Spa at River Ridge

Lauren and Jamie: Elegant Modern Wedding Inspiration

Lauren and Jamie: Elegant Modern Wedding Inspiration

Hi Ladies, remember Lauren who have customized her own wedding dress from Tulle & Chantilly (click here to find how we make the dress)? Just a couple days ago, Lauren shared us her beautiful wedding photos. How exciting!

The wedding infused with great love, happiness and elegance. And the happy couple was full of sweetness. Nick Drollette Photography captured every love moment. Congratulations to Jamie & Lauren and wish them a happy sweet marriage! Girls, enjoy!

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_1

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_2

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_3

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_4

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_5

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_6

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_7

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_8

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_9

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_10

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_11


Jamie and Lauren's wedding_12

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_13

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_14

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_15

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_16

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_17

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_18

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_19

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_20

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_21

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_22

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_23

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_24

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_25

Jamie and Lauren's wedding_26