Fantasy Wedding Themes – Game of Thrones

I do not know about you, but I’ve been deeply indulging in Game of Thrones. And I know there is no new episode until June 1st, so I am going to write something different today. For me,  the most memorable scenes in the series are Red Wedding (I still haven’t recovered from it) and Purple Wedding (King Joffrey finally died).

If you love a little mystery and enchantment in your day-to-day life then you may just wish to bring that same magical flavour into your wedding! There have been numerous big blockbuster films over the last few years that have really homed in on this style, such as ‘The Hunger Games‘ and ‘Twilight‘. We love how they can bring a sense of drama and theatrics into a wedding venue, it’s simply just a case of either letting yourself completely go to town or choosing a watered down version; the choice is yours! So here are a few ideas that you need to consider to get the look just right.

Game of Thrones map for wedding decoration

The Bride– This has to be one of our favorite parts of such a theme, it’s a look that every lady has to admit looks gorgeous, long loose curls and floral garlands will give you that charming, elegant look. Don’t even forget about that gorgeous dress with all that beautiful detailing and ruching. While we understand that such a dress may cost you an arm and a leg, it would be nice to copy some of the detailing, but go for something not quite so dramatic.

Game of Thrones Brides Game of Thrones gold wedding inspiration

photo credits: Anthony Manieri via WedLuxeBG Productions Photography and Videography via Every Last Detail

The Banquet– We say the word banquet because it is exactly that, make sure tables are covered in lavish drapes of fabrics, candles, wine goblets and of course a feast to suit any mans hunger pains. If you’re looking to keep to a tight budget then why not try going OTT with the cake and keeping other areas more bare.

fall purple Gmae of Thrones wedding ideas

photo credit: Candice Benjamin Photography via Burnetts Boards

Location– Think of the rustic outdoors, the style needs to be almost medieval with long wooden benches set in beautiful woodland. Use drapes of fabric and fake fur to decorate seats and use tiny fairy lights to achieve that mystical fairy tale look.

Game of Thrones rustic wedding ideas winter red and black Game of Thrones wedding theme

photo credits: Josie Gonzales via HWTM; Let Us Go Photo

Evening Entertainment– This is where you can really impress; get creative and imaginative with something a little different. Think circus performers, jugglers, fire-eaters and even stilt walkers. Again if you want to keep costs to a minimum then consider fun card games and other board games that guests can immerse themselves in.

red Game of Thrones  winter wedding ideas

photo credit: Mollie Tobias Photography via When Geek Weds

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