Prom Season 2013: Choose the Right Prom Dresses to Stand Out

Get Ready For Prom Party

So it’s Prom time  again and whilst most of you will be getting excited you may also be finding it rather stressful to find the right dress, but before you choose we have prepared a little guide to help you decide before you even slip on one dress.
Get Ready For Prom Party

What Style to Choose
Firstly, do you know what your body shape is? For example, if you have large bust, what style can flatter you and what styles you should avoid?

Body Shapes and Dress Silhouette Guide
Body Shapes & Dress Silhouette

So first off you need you need to learn something about body shapes. Tulle & Chantilly  have measured so many girls so we know how important it is to select a dress style according to your body shape! We have made it easy through simplifying areas that make it easy to follow and understand every step of the way. So let’s begin…..

What Color to Choose
Color can affect your appearance dramatically, so it’s vital that you choose the right colors for your skin tone. There are 3 basic tones: CoolWarm or Neutral. If you can’t determine your skin type, then follow this simple test to help you decide.

Color Shades For Different Skin Tone
Cool skin – Wear Rich Colors
Includes: black, navy, red, pink, deep greens, royal blue and plum. Additionally wear icy tones instead of pastels for a lighter color. Avoid orange and golden shades.
Warm Skin – Wear Earthy Colors
Includes: sage greens, gold, mochas, and bronzes. For a softer color try peach and  apricot yellow.

Once you find the perfect style and color make sure you browse Tulle & Chantilly Prom Dresses the 2013 collection, there’s sure to be a perfect style for everyone!
Tulle & Chantilly Prom Dresses Fashion Styles 2013

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