Elegant Summer Beach Wedding: Megan and Joe

Elegant Summer Beach Wedding: Megan and Joe

Want to show off your love of the ocean? Just have a beach wedding! I have seen all gorgeous beach weddings in summer time, but this time, I still cannot take my eyes away from Megan and Joe’s elegant wedding ceremony.

Sweet and bright, Megan and Joe’s wedding is everything a summer beach wedding ought to be. From the simple ceremony to happy maids and groomsmen, family and friends banded together to make this wedding a very special occasion, which Love Light Studio captured to perfection. Follow us and enjoy the great wedding! And do not forget Tulle & Chantilly’s deep sky blue bridesmaid dresses!

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Ps: Megan knew us through Hannah who she went to high school with. Want to know Hannah’s story? Click here!

Photography: Love Light Studio

Venue: CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa

Bridesmaid Dresses: Tulle and Chantilly

Order Info:
Order No.4233 & 4234
Order Style: TBQP284
Order colors: Deep Sky Blue(chiffon #11) on color chart

The Dresses Megan Purchased

chiffon bridesmaid dresses with strapless sweetheart

Megan and Carlos’s Bright Outdoor Wedding in San Miguel

Pierce Lifestyle Photo’ helped to capture the true bright and cheery nature of Megan and Carlos’s wedding, which was the perfect choice for their San Miguel Wedding. Megan choose to use an array of bright colors throughout the wedding, but decided upon our very own Tulle and Chantilly Firecracker red for her bridesmaids. Given the location, season and reception décor the dresses couldn’t have been more perfect.

Megan and Carlos's wedding decoration Carlos and his groomsmen in suits Megan's beautiful maids Tulle and Chantilly firecracker red bridesmaid dresses from Megan's real wedding Megan and Carlos's wedding ourtdoor paper decoration Carlos and his groomsmen Megan and her bridesmaid from wedding

Like most of our bridesmaids, Megan ‘s ladies decided to choose a slightly different design, so we altered each individual neckline with a mixture of sassy strapless dresses and some elegant one shoulder straps. The color, fabric and length were all made exactly the same and dresses were made to fit each bridesmaid’s size spec. that way we knew the dresses would fit them flawlessly.

hanging bright red bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress from Megan's real wedding Megan wearing wedding dress with her bridesmaids Megan and her bright red bridesmaids Megan with her bridesmaids in bright red Megan's bridesmaids and family

Megan chose to sensibly highlight the firecracker red in her fabulous wedding through the use of gorgeous rose petals scattered down the aisle and fresh flowers in her very own bouquet. With the bright sun beaming down on them throughout the day and ambient lighting in the evening the color palette was faultless.

Megan walking down the aisle with her father

bright red bridesmaid dresses backview

junior bridesmaids in firecracker dress

Megan and Carlos's vow ceremony

bridesmaids with wedding bouquets

Megan and Carlos's garden wedding ceremony

bridesmaid speech from Megan and Carlos's real wedding

Megan and Carlos's wedding ceremony

Thanks Pierce Lifestyle Photo for these amazing wedding photos and we wish the sweet couple a lifetime of happiness together!

real wedding cake topper Megan and Carlos with their bridesmaids and groomsmen after ceremony Megan and Carlos's real wedding photo real wedding photo from Megan and Carlos's wedding Megan and Carlos's family photo Megan and Carlos's wedding fireworks the happy couple with their bridesmaids and groomsmen Megan and Carlos's wedding reception dinner Megan and her bridesmaids back details

Order Info:
Order No.2293
Order Style:TBQP137, TBQP096, TBQP237, TBQP248, TBQP210, TBQP161
Order colors:Firecracker(chiffon #103) on color chart


The Dress Purchased


Romantic Rose: Leslie and Ross’s Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

From Christina Block Photography…We couldn’t imagine how amazing and beautiful Leslie’s wedding was going to be until we got her wedding photos. Sometimes you just need something rose.

Rose has to be one of the most elegant and prettiest colors for spring and summer weddings right now and it’s perfect for an outdoor venue, which is how Leslie had chosen to celebrate her big day. The setting gave her photographer the perfect chance to grab so many stunning natural portraits, filled with nothing but organic sage green, dark oak wood and soft rose colors. Here are the results:

wedding bouquets and flower details Leslie and Ross's wedding ring Leslie in pretty long lace wedding dress with keyhole back Ross and his groomsmen in suits Leslie and her beautiful bridesmaids in rose long rose bridesmaid dresses and shoes details Leslie and Ross's romantinc wedding ceremony wedding table decoration and chandelier Leislie and Ross's real wedding photo

Leslie understood the importance of color, so when she first contacted us, she ordered all her bridesmaid dresses together to ensure the chiffon fabric would be exactly the same and to her specific palette. Each dress was custom made to ensure the fit was perfect for each individual bridesmaid; the only change was to the neckline, which saw pretty strapless, halter necks, and one shoulder straps, which each bridesmaid chose for herself. Don’t they all look amazing!

Lesilie and her maids in single shoulder and sweetheart rose bridesmaid dresses Leslie and her maids in rose chiffon bridesmaid gowns wedding table cemterpieces flowers and chair decoration

Leslie and Her Rose Bridesmaids

lace wedding dress and chiffon bridesmaid dresses back details from Leslie's real wedding Leslie and Her Beautiful Maids Shoot tulle and chantilly pretty long rose chiffon bridesmaid dresses styles 2015 tulle and chantilly long rose chffion bridesmaid dresses styles Leslie real wedding photo

Photographer: Christina Block Photography
Assistant to PhotographyJesse Brantman
Bridal GownThe White Magnolia
Bridesmaid Dresses: Tulle & Chantilly
Order colors:Rose(chiffon #53) on color chart
VenueThe White Room

The Dresses Purchased