Pantone Color of the Year 2016 – Rose Quartz & Serenity Wedding Color Ideas

Pantone Color of the Year 2016 – Rose Quartz & Serenity Wedding Color Ideas

For the first time, Pantone chose two the color blending of two colors – Rose Quartz and Serenity as the color of the year 2016.

“Joined together Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a smoothing sense of order and peace.”, as Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute said.

So ladies, just follow us to check rose quartz and serenity wedding color ideas for the season 2016!

With Olive Green

pantone rose quartz and serenity wedding color ideas 2016

photo credits: Caroline Tran Photographer via SMPErin McGinn via SMP | Donna Morgan | Michele BeckwithClayton Austin Love Stories  via Green Wedding Shoes

With Lilac

pantone color of the year 2016 - rose quartz, serenity and lilac wedding color combo ideas

photo credits: Greg Finck via SMPRyan Ray Photography via SMPLove Joy Faith via SMPCristiano Brizzi, Facibeni Fotografia via Bridal MusingsJose Villa Photography via SMP | Elegant Wedding Invites 

With Mint Green

pantone serenity blue and mint green wedding color ideas 2016 with rose quartz

photo credits: Sylvie Gil Photography via SMPLauren Jackson Photography via SMPJose Villa via SMPSpindle Photography via SMP | Pinterest

With Cranberry

2016 pantone trending rose, serenity and cranberry wedding color ideas

photo credits: Mint Photography via SMPBRANDON KIDD PHOTOGRAPHY via The Knot | ONELOVE PHOTOGRAPHY via The Knot | Lauren Peele Photography via 100 Layer Cake | LANDON JACOB via Hey Wedding Lady

With Gold

gold, rose and serenity wedding color combo inspiration ideas 2016

photo credits: CLY BY MATTHEW via The Knot | MIRELLE CARMICHAEL PHOTOGRAPHY via The Knot | Judy Pak via SMPEm The Gem via SMP | One Fab Day 

Pantone Top 10 Spring Wedding Colors 2016

Pantone Top 10 Spring Wedding Colors 2016

There are only two month away from turning to the new year 2016 and brides, it is the right time to prepare your spring summer weddings. And in this post, we will introduce you top 10 fashion and wedding colors that Pantone released for brides of next spring. Actually we have showed you these breathtaking colors in previous post and this time, we will show you more trending wedding color combo and scheme ideas for 2016. Just scroll down and have a look!

Rose Quartz

spring 2016 rose pink wedding color combo ideas inspired by Pantone

photo credits: Mike Cassimatis – MNC Photography via SMP |  Pinterest | Everything Cake and Bumby Photography

Peach Echo

pantone peach echo and tiffany blue wedding color ideas for spring 2016

photo credits: Nadia Meli  via Ruffled BlogFeather and Stone via Elizabeth Anne Designs


pantone serenity pale blue spring 2016 wedding color ideas

photo credits: Sarah Culver via Bayside BrideOnelove Photography  via SMPMegan Welker Photography via SMPClary Photo | PRISCILA VALENTINA via Ruffled BlogElisheva Golani Photography via Burnetts Boards

Snorkel Blue

pantone snorkel dark blue and peach wedding color ideas for spring summer weddings 2016

photo credits: Brita PhotographyBia Sampaio Photographs via SMP | The Knot | Pinterest


buttercup bright yellow wedding color inspiration ideas 2016

photo credits: Patricia Kantzos Photography via SMPten22 studio via The Tomkat Studio | Deyla Huss Photography via SMPKatie Vowels for Annie McElwain via SMP

Limpet Shell

limpet shell light mint blue wedding color ideas for spring 2016

photo credits: Volatile Photography via SMPTim Will via Southern WeddingsMint Photography via SMP

Lilac Gray

lilac gray spring wedding colors 2016 inspired by Pantone

photo credits: Millie Holloman Photography via SMPLaura Murray Photography via Glitter Inc | Eddie Judd via SMPSally Pinera via SMP


pantone fiesta bright red spring wedding color 2016

photo credits: DNA Photograpers via Boho Weddings | Greg Finck | Royal MarigoldMarissa Lambert Photography via Three Sunbeams | KT Merry Photography via SMP

Iced Coffee

iced coffee brown and green wedding color ideas for spring summer 2016

photo credits: Meghan Kay Sadler via Once WedPretty Geeky | PinterestSarah Kate via SMP

Green Flash

pantone green flash wedding color ideas for spring summer weddings 2016

photo credits: Karen Feder Photography via Things Festive | Gigi Hickman Photography via Artfully WedShelley Coar Photography via HWTM | The Knot

Top 10 Pantone Colors for Spring Summer Bridesmaid Dresses 2016

Top 10 Pantone Colors for Spring Summer Bridesmaid Dresses 2016

Great news for spring summer brides 2016! Pantone just released its fashion color reports for spring 2016 a few days ago. As usual, there are 10 colors in total that have been chosen for next season, which shows us the most popular wedding color ideas and trends in 2016. Furthermore, we will get some color inspiration for spring bridesmaid dresses. Just check out the Pantone inspired bridesmaid dresses color ideas for spring 2016 with us!

Pantone top 10 wedding colors for spring 2016

“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” — Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute

Rose Quartz

The pantone spring colors 2016 are led by Rose Quartz, a sweet and gentle shade of pink. As one of the most popular wedding colors in spring/summer season, pink is always bridesmaids’ favorite.

elegant rose pink bridesmaid dresses ideas for spring weddings 2016

photo credits: Vicki Grafton Photography via SMPMike Cassimatis – MNC Photography via SMP | Lily White PhotographyKatelyn James via SMP | J Lucas Reyes via Bride and Breakfast

Peach Echo

Another hot color, Peach Echo, just follows the steps of rose quartz and takes the second place in the fashion color report. The trending spring wedding color 2016 will show bridesmaids the beauty and warmth of orange.

Pantone peach echo inspired spring bridesmaid dresses ideas 2016

photo credits: Nadia Meli via Ruffled BlogBridesFeather and Stone via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Kate Holstein via Magnolia RougeMichael Radford via 100 Layer CakeJen + Ashley via SMP


Blue family never misses spring summer weddings. And in 2016, a new family member, Serenity will blow your breath away with its calm, comfort and peace.

serenity light blue bridesmaid dresses from Pantone spring colors 2016

photo credits: Onelove Photography via SMP | Julie Cate Photography via SMPCharlotte Jenks Lewis via SMP | The Why We Love via Once WedRock My Wedding

Snorkel Blue

Snorkel Blue, as a dark blue wedding color, will bring you a more energetic and striking feeling for bridesmaids. Just have a try!

amazing dark snorkel blue bridesmaid dresses for spring summer wedding 2016

photo credits: Christian Oth Studio via SMPSweet Tea Photography via Wedding ChicksRebecca Arthurs Photography  via Elizabeth Anne DesignsBrita Photo Blog | Sweet Water Portraits


Buttercup, a bright yellow color will make your bridesmaids shinier. “With Buttercup designers reveal a shining beacon transporting its wearer to a happier, sunnier place” , says by Pantone.

spring summer bright yellow buttercup bridesmaid dresses inspiration 2016

photo credits: Project Wedding | Laura Murray Photograhy via Bridal Musings | Laura McCluskey via Love My DressPatricia Kantzos Photography via SMP

Limpet Shell

Limpet Shell, a fresh, clear shade of green color, is my favorite color in this list. It is definitely a perfect choice for beach wedding.

limpet shell aqua bridesmaid dresses trends for spring summer weddings 2016

photo credits: Tim Will via Southern Weddings | Desibaytan PhotographyEsther Sun Photography via SMPSMP

Lilac Gray

With the combination of purple and gray, Lilac Gray “adds a distinctive edge to this classic gray shade”, which gives us a wonderful wedding color palette.

lilac gray wedding colors ideas 2016 and spring bridesmaid dresses ideas 2016

photo credits: Dream Love PhotographySamm Blake via SMPTamara Gruner Photography via Wedding ChickspinterestThis Love Of Yours Photography via SMP


Finally, there is a bright color will cheer all wedding guests up! “A strong and fiery, yellow-based red, the vivid Fiesta provides a stark contrast to the calming, softer nature of this season’s palette ” , says by Pantone.

Pantone fiesta red bridesmaid dresses for spring summer weddings 2016

photo credits: Heather Jowett via Elizabeth Anne DesignsDelbarr Moradi  via Ruffled BlogDanielle Poff Photography via Green Wedding Shoes | Mason & Megan Photography via MOD Weddings | Nancy Ray via Elizabeth Anne DesignsClary Pfeiffer via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Iced Coffee

Neutral colors are quite hot in this year and they will be more attractive in next spring 2016. Iced Coffee, a gentle shade of brown, will make the wedding more stunning when get along with any other color!

iced coffee brown spring bridesmaid dresses ideas 2016

photo credits: Apryl Ann Photography via SMPVine and Light via Wedding ChicksSarah Kate via SMPDanielle Capito Photography via Wedding ChicksManchik Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Green Flash

Another color from green family takes the last place of the report. Green Flash, a bright shade of green “is representative of nature’s persistent influence even in urban environments, a trend continuing to inspire designers”.

fresh green bridesmaid dresses trends for spring summer wedding ideas

photo credits: Katch Silva  via Green Wedding ShoesMartha Swewart WeddingsPicsee Studio via SMPGigi Hickman Photography via Artfully WedL Hewitt Photography via SMP