Five Gorgeous Pink Wedding Color Ideas and Bridesmaid Dresses

Five Gorgeous Pink Wedding Color Ideas and Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink is a kind of color that you should definitely choose when you want your wedding to be both elegant and classic girly. Pink can be used alone or incorporated with other wedding colors to achieve a lot of different looks and styles. Combined it with grey, black , navy blue so as to make your pink more feminine look and formal. Today we are going to share with you five  most popular pink wedding color palette ideas. You can also find several gorgeous pink bridesmaid dresses to match your lovely pink weddings.

  1. Pale pink and grey wedding colors

pale pink spring wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses

Photo Credits: From Tulle and Chantilly /via Deer Pearl Flowers / via Pinterest /

via Elle Decor / via Wedding Chicks

2. Fresh pink  spring wedding colors

fresh pink spring wedding inspiration and gorgeous bridesmaid dresses

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via Wild Love / via Hey Wedding Lady

3. Blush iink and black wedding inspiration

blush pink and black wedding ideas and elegant blush bridesmaid dresses

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4.Bright Pink Wedding Colors

bright pink spring and summer wedding color ideas and pink floral bridesmaid dresses

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5. Dusty pink and green spring wedding colors

dusty pink and green spring wedding ideas and pink bridesmaid dresses

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20 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for Wedding 2015

Forget the traditional concept of all bridesmaids in the same dress and the exact same color, this season we are all about change and making trends more accessible and affordable than ever before, brides can remain stress-free without having to worry about getting the colors to match perfectly to just about everything or worry about ensuring all maids are in the same length gown. It’s all about letting loose and getting laid back for the best day of your lives.

shades of green mismatched bridesmaid dresses styles

Same dress, different colors

A popular theme at the moment is to mix and match colors, but use the same dress, this not only looks beautiful if done properly, but it also helps please the bridesmaids as they will have the chance to choose a color that suits their complexion and hair color, providing that is links in with the specific theme and other dress colors.

vintage pastel pink rose and mint bridesmaid dresses ideas

v-neck short mismatched bridesmaid dresses styles

mismatched taffeta bridesmaid dresses back details

full length long mismatched bridesmaid dresses in pastel colors

watercolor inspired mismatched bridesmaid dresses styles

photo credits: 100 Layer Cake | Matthew Morgan Photography via Wedding Chicks | Stephie Joy Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | The Knot | Borrowed and Blue

 Same dress, different necklines

We all know that when it comes to dresses different shapes and designs flatter different ladies, so if you’re set on the color and dress, but want to make your ladies happy, then we suggest altering the neckline, it really doesn’t matter how many have strapless, one shoulder or halter neck, a random mix will still look brilliant on the day.

grey mismatched long bridesmaid dresses 2015

pink mix and match bridesmaid dress styles in different necklines

mismatched dusty blue long bridesmaid dresses styles

light yellow and gray short mismatched bridesmaid dresses for wedding 2015

photo credits: KT Merry Photography via SMP | Katie Lopez Photography via SMP | Southern Weddings | Marissa Lambert via SMP

Different dress, same color

If only changing the neckline just won’t do, then why not change the dress completely? Because the dresses are in the same color the bridesmaids will still look very formal, but will offer something a little different.

black short mix and match bridesmaid dresses styles

bright red chiffon and lace mismatched bridesmaid dresses

dusty pink short mix and match bridesmaid dresses styles

dark blue mismatched bridesmaid dresses long

elegant long brown mismatched bridesmaid gowns for wedding 2015

photo credits: Our Labor of Love via SMP | Brooke Courtney Photography via SMP | Pinterest |

Different dress in different shades of same color

One exciting trend that brides are going crazy for this year is using tonal shades of one color and also using a different design for each shade. We love the ombre look as it looks so pretty and refreshing and is well suited to spring and summer seasons, although it can be pulled off during any month. Because each dress comes in a slightly different color it means the dress can be quite different too, ranging from short to long lengths, a different neckline and even a different waistline and bodice.

dark navy mismatched short bridesmaid dresses

pink ombre long mismatched bridesmaid gowns inspiration 2015

light blue mismatched bridesmaid dress color ideas

photo credits: Michael Radford Photography via SMP | Southern Weddings | The Knot

Completely different dresses

Bohemian and rustic styled weddings are really helping to make casual dress extremely fashionable right now.  Bridesmaids have slowly evolved from the traditional one dress and one color into a variety of mismatched ideas that have resulted in a successful line up of happy maids. Why not even go as far as mixing bold floral printed dresses, with solid one color floaty gowns?

short mismatched bridesmaid dresses style ideas

pink and purple mismatched bridesmaid dresses for spring wedding 2015

winter mismatched bridesmaid dresses in dark colors

photo credits: Shipra Panosian via Ruffled Blog | Studio Castillero via Ruffled Blog | Kelli Lyn Photography via SMP

Special dress for the maid of honor

Sometimes wedding photos don’t really highlight the important parts of the day or the most important people, when we view wedding photos it’s almost impossible to know who is the maid of honor, and with that in mind many brides are choosing to honor their most important person with a special dress of their own, that way everyone knows just how important they are.

mismatched gold and green bridesmaid dresses styles

mint high-low bridesmaid dresses and yellow dress for maid of honor

mismatched pink and gray bridesmaid dress ideas
ruffled dusty pink mismatched bridesmaid dresses ideas

photo credits: Megan W Photography via SMP | Kayla Adams & Co. via SMP | KT Merry Photography via SMP | The Knot

Romantic Rose: Leslie and Ross’s Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

From Christina Block Photography…We couldn’t imagine how amazing and beautiful Leslie’s wedding was going to be until we got her wedding photos. Sometimes you just need something rose.

Rose has to be one of the most elegant and prettiest colors for spring and summer weddings right now and it’s perfect for an outdoor venue, which is how Leslie had chosen to celebrate her big day. The setting gave her photographer the perfect chance to grab so many stunning natural portraits, filled with nothing but organic sage green, dark oak wood and soft rose colors. Here are the results:

wedding bouquets and flower details Leslie and Ross's wedding ring Leslie in pretty long lace wedding dress with keyhole back Ross and his groomsmen in suits Leslie and her beautiful bridesmaids in rose long rose bridesmaid dresses and shoes details Leslie and Ross's romantinc wedding ceremony wedding table decoration and chandelier Leislie and Ross's real wedding photo

Leslie understood the importance of color, so when she first contacted us, she ordered all her bridesmaid dresses together to ensure the chiffon fabric would be exactly the same and to her specific palette. Each dress was custom made to ensure the fit was perfect for each individual bridesmaid; the only change was to the neckline, which saw pretty strapless, halter necks, and one shoulder straps, which each bridesmaid chose for herself. Don’t they all look amazing!

Lesilie and her maids in single shoulder and sweetheart rose bridesmaid dresses Leslie and her maids in rose chiffon bridesmaid gowns wedding table cemterpieces flowers and chair decoration

Leslie and Her Rose Bridesmaids

lace wedding dress and chiffon bridesmaid dresses back details from Leslie's real wedding Leslie and Her Beautiful Maids Shoot tulle and chantilly pretty long rose chiffon bridesmaid dresses styles 2015 tulle and chantilly long rose chffion bridesmaid dresses styles Leslie real wedding photo

Photographer: Christina Block Photography
Assistant to PhotographyJesse Brantman
Bridal GownThe White Magnolia
Bridesmaid Dresses: Tulle & Chantilly
Order colors:Rose(chiffon #53) on color chart
VenueThe White Room

The Dresses Purchased