Top 6 Gold Wedding Color Ideas Spring/Summer 2015

Metallic gold is going to be huge next spring, but this glitzy, shimmery choice cannot wow on it’s own, we’re going to see pops of both strong bold colors and pastels help bring this metallic gem to new heights. Here are the top gold color combos to keep your beady eye on for early next year.

top 6 gold wedding color palette ideas for spring summer 2015

Gold & Mint

This look was hugely popular a few years ago and is set to reemerge with huge success. It is a truly beautiful look for any wedding; it gives a huge amount of elegance and sophistication, so sit up and take notice ladies.

pretty mint and gold wedding cake gold and mint wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses styles 2015 Mix & Match

tulle and chantilly mint green bridesmaid dresses and custom-made wedding dress
TBQP284 & TCCMD989 & TBQP296

photo credits: Kelly Benton Photography via Ruffled Blog / Pinterest / SB Chic / Colin Cowie Weddings

Gold & Lavender

These two colors work in harmony together due to their natural, soft warm tones and creates a rich look that’s perfect for a spring wedding. Try using natural shades of gold like burlap to add more texture to your look.

gold and lavender spring wedding 2015 decoration ideas lavender and gold wedding color scheme inspiration spring summer 2015 Mix & Match

lavender long bridesmaid dresses and v-neck wedding dress
TBQP228 & TCCMD1010 & TBQP099P

photo credits: Brklyn View Photography via Style Me Pretty / Elisa Bricker via Wedding Chicks 

Gold & Pink

We specify pink only, because all shades will do, from nude salmons to vibrant pink orchids, gold looks fab with any shade. We love raspberry, grey and gold right now and don’t forget to make the most of seasonal flowers to keep costs to a minimum.

gold and pink wedding table decoration color scheme 2015 spring wedding 2015 gold and pink wedding color ideas Mix & Match

bohemian wedding dress and pink bridesmaid dresses by tulle and chantilly
TBQP285 & TCCMD963 & TBQP257

Photo Credits: Kati Rosado Photography via Ruffled / PinterestJen Lauren Grant From Birds Of A Feather Photography via SMP

Gold & Fuchsia

So if we had to choose only one shade of pink it would definitely be fuchsia pink, although we love pink in general we think fuchsia pink teamed with gold just has that added wow factor.

gold and fuchsia wedding color ideas table decoration inspiration gold and fuchsia spring wedding color ideas 2015 Mix & Match

tulle and chantilly fuchsia long bridesmaid dresses and layered lace wedding dress
TBQP216 & TCCMD965 & TBQP217

photo credits: Birds of a Feather via SMP / Clean Plate Pictures via SMP / Pinterest

Gold & Blue

A pop of lavender blue is so dramatic against metallic gold’s, it’s a surprising color but we think it looks fab and ever so striking. Give this unusual combo a go if you fancy something a little contemporary.

gold and dark blue wedding color ideas for spring summer wedding 2015 gold and navy bridesmaid dresses styles for spring summer 2015 Mix & Match

tulle and chantilly chiffon wedding dress and navy blue short bridesmaid gowns 2015
TBQP258 & TCCMD1005 & TBQP243

Photo Credits: Blue Rose Photography via Ruffled BlogJill Thomas via GWS / Jeff Sampson Photography via SMP

Gold & Coral

These two were born to live together; they naturally harmonize the other one. If you fancy a new spin on this color combo then why not add a stroke of black just to help define the these soft mellow colors.

coral and pink wedding centerpieces flowers color inspiration gold and coral wedding color inspiration ideas Mix & Match

coral pink bridesmaid dresses and custom-made mermaid wedding dress
TBQP237C & TCCMD1013 & TBQP204

photo credits: Ruth Eileen via SMP / PinterestKatelyn James Photography via Grey Likes Weddings

So there you have it, some rather exciting colors for spring, but what do you think? Have we shown you something new and totally creative or would you like to see a particular theme? Get in touch by leaving us your comments below! Have a good day!

Pantone’s Top 10 Fashion Colors for Spring Wedding Color Trends 2015-Part II

We’re always two seasons ahead, which means right now we’re going absolutely bananas for spring. Pantone have just announced the colors for next year and we’re extremely excited to share them with you. As an overview the colors are predictively pastel like with a surprising mix of rich masala and classic blue, which take the palette into a whole new era. There’s so much scope for bridesmaids and the palette include some really flattering shades perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Brides can choose from a refreshing selection of colors that will really suit outdoor venues. So we can now reveal the new palette for spring and give you some handy tips on how to use each color.

Top 10 Pantone Wedding Colors for Spring 2015



Set to be the lead color for every woman next spring, this airy blue shade is cool and calming, which is something most brides search for when planning their wedding, leaving the option to choose this color a no-brainer. Try glass vases as table decorations and make sure you dress your maids in this flattering shade.

aquamarine spring wedding color idea and bridesmaid dress trend 2015

Virgil Bunao via SMP

Scuba Blue

A stunning color if you are planning a beach wedding, this energizing shade is fresh and exotic. If you choose to use this color make sure you don’t overload it with too many other colors a hint of white will suffice and really make this color stand out on it’s own or possibly with some canary yellow.

scuba blue and pink wedding decoration color ideas for spring wedding 2015

 Marianne Taylor via Love My Dress

Lucite Green

A soothing fresh minty green, this shade is gorgeous teamed with fellow cool shades of classic blue and scuba blue. A great choice for bridesmaids, but it also makes a great theme color, paired with white and a touch of gold. Decorate your invitations in this gorgeous color and decorate the venue with heaps of paper pompoms.

2015 spring wedding color ideas with lucite green bridesmaid dresses trends

Chantel Marie via The Every Last Detail

Classic Blue

A traditional wedding color, but not one we usually see in spring, it’s a color that should be paired with those rich exotic pastels, such as custard, scuba blue and Lucite green. Try to use flashes of this color rather than using it as your main choice. Pretty little labels on favor boxes or even a pair of classic blue heels will look fab with a fellow blue bridesmaid dress, such as scuba blue or aquamarine.

classic blue wedding color trends for 2015 spring inspired weddings

Lane Dittoe Fine Wedding Photographs via SMP

Toasted Almond

A beautiful organic color, which helps to mute some of those flashy pastels, like strawberry ice and scuba blue. Although not an obvious color for spring it can look stunning, especially with a flash of something bright. Why not try a toasted almond iced cake with a few strawberry ice petals to decorate.

toasted almond netural spring wedding color idea and trends 2015


Strawberry Ice

I must confess this is actually my favorite shade for spring, I’m not a lover of pink, but this shade is a little more flattering than those blue hue pinks. Toasted almond works wonders with this color and ensures you don’t go to girly.

strawberry ice pink and bright blue spring wedding decor color ideas

 Phillip Van Nostrand via Wedding Chicks


A gorgeous juicy color for spring! A color that most brides tend to stay away from, however we think it looks great given the right shade. If you are afraid of it’s vibrancy, why not water down the color and try a watercolor effect for your theme.

sweet tangerine orange wedding bouquet for spring wedding color ideas 2015

Jose Villa Photography via SMP


A sweet and cheery shade, that is perfect for spring, it’s a fab update on those clean bright yellows. Try teaming this shade with hints of classic blue for a striking and surprising look. Try dressing up your dinner tables with everything custard and don’t be afraid to use watered down shade of this color for more texture and variation.

custard yellow wedding decoration ideas for spring wedding 2015

 Carlie Statsky via Ruffled Blog


Stunning on its own, but also as a wonderful contrast for other hues, this warm and rich shade will bring an air of sophistication to your spring shin dig. If you choose this color make sure you invite other bright pastels so that it doesn’t look too dull.

2015 marsala wedding bouquet spring wedding color idea

  Lani Elias Fine Art Photography via Magolia Rouge

Glacier Gray

An unobtrusive gray that contrasts and enhances; it successfully bounces off other shades without taking center stage. Nature’s most perfect neutral, Glacier Gray is a shade that is timeless and classic. Don’t be afraid to dress your bridesmaids in this color for spring, just make sure you pair the dresses up with some bright and sunny spring bouquets.

glacier gray wedding color ideas for spring and summer wedding 2015

 Simply Bloom Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

     For more details, click here for spring/summer wedding color ideas trends 2015-part I!

Top 10 Spring/Summer Wedding Color Ideas & Trends 2015-Part I

Top 10 Spring/Summer Wedding Color Ideas & Trends 2015-Part I

When talking about spring or summer weddings, sweet garden weddings with flowers, hot yet funny beach weddings come to mind immediately. Spring and summer are good seasons to hold a memorable wedding because of good weather and beautiful scenery. So how would you prepare your weddings in next year, brides of 2015? It is never too early to prepare a wedding! Here come 10 hot or trendy wedding colors for next spring/summer. What do you think? Tell us on comment part or email us at [email protected]

We think pastel hues and bright shades of pink, blue and green will still reign over the wedding market. Meanwhile, some darker colors will also show their charm. Here we go!

top 10 wedding colors for spring/summer wedding ideas 2015

Celestial Blue

spring and summer wedding color palette ideas 2015

bridesmaid dresses- Elizabeth Anne Designs via The Great Romance / decor- SMP via Esther Sun Photography / cake- Pinterest / shoes- Pinterest

 Watermelon Pink 

watermelon pink wedding color ideas for spring summer wedding 2015

dresses & menu cards- SMP via Ashlee Raubach / bouquet- Wedding Chicks via Laura Murray Photography / table flowers- Brides

Soft Lemon

soft lemon spring summer wedding color ides 2015

balloons & cake- Wedding Chicks via Mike Colon / dresses- SMP via Jayme Van Geest Photography / table decor- Once Wed via KT Merry


pistachio color wedding color trend for season 2015

dresses & decor- SMP via L Hewitt Photography / invitations- Pinterest

Vibrant Turquoise

beach wedding vibrant turquoise wedding color trends 2015

bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen attire- Wedding Chicks via Alex Michele Photography / invites- The Pretty Blog


pearl pink spring summer wedding color ideas 2015

wedding decor- Elizabeth Anne Designs via The Great Romance / bridesmaid dresses- Pinterest

Leaf Green 

leaf green garden wedding color ideas for spring weddings

dresses- SMP via Nam Nguyen Photography / table flower- SMP via Anna Routh Photography / flower crown- Colin Cowie Weddings


blossom pink spring summer wedding color trend season 2015

bouquet- SMP via Kai Heeringa Photography / dresses & shoes & invites-SMP via Kristin Vining

Orchid Tint

soft orchid and green spring wedding color palette 2015

bridesmaid dresses- Project Wedding via Emily Steffen Photography / bouquet- SMP via Gladys Jem Photography 


caramel brown rustic spring summer wedding color idea and inspiration

dresses- Pinterest / table decor- Wedding Omania / couple- Green Wedding ShoesClayton Austin / cake- SMP via Melissa Dunstan Photography

 Popular Bridesmaid Dresses Styles 2015