How to Choose Destination Beach Wedding Dresses

How do you define a beach wedding? Romantic, unforgettable, causal, serene and totally enviable! These are just a few to get you started! Or how about thoughts of the cool ocean breeze, a tropical sunset, dipping your toes in the sea. Ok enough said! It’s no wonder so many of us are going down this route, but many of us get trapped in these initial thoughts and forget about the dress nightmares you may have. Well forget that here at Tulle and Chantilly we going to help you choose the right, no hassles beach gown.
Pretty Beach Wedding Sand Fun Unforgettable Romantic Beach Sand Wedding Moment

Choose lightweight fabrics – Chiffon,Charmeuse & Georgette – Allow skin to breathe & let your gown flow beautifully in the sea breeze.

Pretty Flowing Fabric Beach Bridal Wedding Gown

Avoid big heavy gowns  this includes mermaid styles or  dresses with a long train 

Avoid Ball Gown Mermaid Dresses for Beach Weddings

Consider short length wedding dress – but avoid anything too short to prevent the wind from blowing up your skirt. 

Casual Short Beach Bridal Dresses

Bring a shawl – remember to keep warm, sometimes the temperature will drop dramatically around the coast.

Keep Warm with Shawl For Beach Weddings

Tulle & Chantilly specialize in custom made bridal gowns and offer everyone the chance to design your very own wedding dress, all we ask is that you provide us with some of your thoughts and ideas regarding the design details that inspire you and at the drop of a magic wand we’ll have your dress ready 🙂


6 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dresses

When it comes to choosing your gown there are so many factors to include and consider, especially since it’s your day to be the centre of attention and to really feel special. So make sure you don’t rush the decision and choose the perfect dress based around our 6 tips below:
Here Comes The Bride


1. Start the hunt early.
To ensure you find the perfect one, always leave plenty of time to do so. At Tulle and Chantilly we often see brides purchase under pressure and with little time to spare. Although we do accept rushed orders we don’t encourage them for the brides sake and sanity. Not only is it a stressful time, but you may also be leaving it too late to get any last minute alterations done. So remember 6-9 months will be the perfect amount of time to leave.
Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses Purchase Choosing Wedding Dresses Early


2. Budgeting
Before the search begins make sure you have your budget ready to avoid any disappointment. The last thing you want to do is stumble upon the perfect dress that is financially out of reach, plus it will help you organise how much money you have left to spend on other areas of the wedding.
Bridal Wedding Dress Budget Plan


3. Do Your Research
That perfect wedding dress needs be compared and picked out after much consideration, not only for if the dress, is in budget, that it suits your figure and shape or that it suits the location and season of your wedding, but how your wish to purchase it and where you will purchase it from. Do your homework on fabrics, dress make-up and pricing.
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4. Body Shapes & Styles
Tulle & Chantilly have two kinds of customers: ones who know exactly what style they want and others who have no idea about where to start. No matter which bride you are body shape and style will still come into the equation. Make sure you check out our reference page body shape page, which gives you an insight into what you need to be looking at based on your figure. We also offer a free customised dress service to ensure all styles will fit the bride perfectly.
Choose Right Wedding Dress Style According to Body Shape


While most brides choose white as their dress color, some brides may think it’s not flattering enough, depending on your skin tone. So why not break with tradition and try a try that either have accents of colour or are a completely different colour.  Also consider the theme and season of your wedding to help you choose, not to mention your skin tone.

Tulle & Chantilly Color Accent Wedding Dresses
TBQW099 & TBQW100


6.Hair & Shoes
Match your hairstyles and shoes with your whole wedding theme. Once  you’ve decided on the dress style, then you can consider if you will choose a braid or up-do hairstyle. For more inspiration please check out our recent post on hairstyles, wedding hairstyles 2013 inspiration.
Romantic Wedding Hairstyle Inspirations Choose Pretty Heels to Match Your Wedding Theme

Finally,  just take a deep breath, check the mirror and enjoy the day!
Good luck, Brides!