Top 10 Colors for Spring/Summer Bridesmaid Dresses 2015

On the hunt for spring summer bridesmaid dresses and not sure which color to select? Then we may just be able to help you! We’ve recently put together a list of the hottest colors to be worn for the next spring and summer seasons and there’s some serious beauties in there. We’ve managed to compile our list through the help of trend forecasting specialists Pantone and other online resources to give us this fabulous, lip smacking ten. Here we go:

Top 10 Colors for Spring Summer Bridesmaid Dresses 2015


Such an elegant shade of pink, blush is a serious contender for bridesmaids the world over. Will look amazing with ivory and tonal shades of pink to compliment the look.

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring Summer Wedding Ideas 2015

photo credits: Jen Harvey Photography via The perfect PaletteJess Barfield Photography via SMPKatrina Louise Photography via Ruffled Blog


This cool aqua green and blue shade is a gorgeous color for summer venues and will match so many contrast options for bouquets and heels, so you don’t need to worry about getting things wrong.

light blue aquamarine spring bridesmaid dresses 2015 trends

photo credits: Virgil Bunao Photography via SMPOrigami Creatives via Burnetts Boards / Pinterest

Glacier Gray

Gray is a hugely popular color for bridesmaids right now, in recent years it had been banished for good, but thankfully the color has reemerged and it looks better than ever. To make sure things don’t look too dull, team the dresses with a pop of canary yellow in the bouquets or choose a bright heel to make the loo more vibrant.

glacier gray bridesmaid dress inspiration spring wedding 2015

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Traditionally a winner with bridesmaids, this color just continues to push itself to the forefront. It’s no wonder with its flattering yellowy tones; it’s a color to be worn by all. Depending on the style you want, why not try stark white bouquets, as it will really make the turquoise stand out.

turquoise blue spring 2015 bridesmaid dresses styles

photo credits: SMTStudio127 Photography via Wedding Chicks / Ricky Stern Photography via Something Turquoise

Orchid Tint

Still around after a huge year in 2014, this purple hued pink orchid shade looks beautiful next to white, making it a popular choice for bridesmaids. It’s also a flattering color, which works well with tonal pink shades.

orchid tint pale purple bridesmaid gowns for spring summer wedding

photo credits: Andrea Sproxton Photography via SMPJennefer Wilson Photography via Wedding ChicksShewanders Photography  via SMP

Pistachio & Mint

Mint has been a winning choice for maids over the last 3 – 4 years, but it’s been given a new lease of life thanks to that natural zesty lime green we get from the pistachio. To help bring more life into green, pistachio is the perfect choice and really livens and brightens any wedding.

pistachio and mint wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses spring summer 2015

photo credits: Lauren Fair Photography via Bridal Musings / Anna K Photography BlogMike Larson via SMP

Strawberry Ice

A light cool shade of pink, strawberry ice isn’t suited to every lady, so be careful when selecting this color option, if you have chosen to use this color in your theme, worry not as you can always use tonally lighter and darker options to compliment the overall look.

strawberry ice coral inspired wedding and bridesmaid dresses 2015

photo credits: D’Arcy Benincosa Photography via SMP / Sara K Byrne Photography via Wedding ChicksAustin Gros via Wedding Chicks


Another pink in our list, but rose brings with it that beautiful dusty effect and it tends to look amazing on just about everyone. Sage green and lighter shades of pink really compliment this color.

rose pink bridesmaid dresses spring 2015 inspiration

photo credits: Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography via SMPKatelyn James via SMP

Soft Melon

A light yellowy tone, perfect for spring and summer weddings, it’s not traditionally a popular color, but we think it will look fab with brighter shades of yellow and white.

2015 soft melon yellow wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses trends

photo credits: PinterestSargeant Photography via Wedding Chicks / Trent Bailey Photography via SMP

Classic Blue

Very similar to royal blue, classic blue is a traditional and widely popular choice for bridesmaids; it’s one that will forever be selected. See for yourself the reasons why!

classic blue wedding color inspiration and bridesmaid dresses styles for spring summer 2015

photo credits: Lane Dittoe Fine Wedding Photographs via SMPMomoko Photography via SMPO’Malley Photographers via SMP 

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