Wedding Color Trends 2015 – Jewel Tones

Monochromatic colors are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of one single hue. So it comes as no surprise that brides are falling in love with this idea and using numerous themes to achieve magnificent results. Ranging from sugar coated pastels to bright, bold neon’s, the themes and ideas are simply endless.

6 hot jewel toned wedding color ideas 2015

We all have our favorite jewel that symbolizes great meaning and personality. If you don’t yet have yours picked out then here are some booby dazzlers that will most certainly seduce you.

Sapphire Blue

A truly saturated blue shade, this gem has outstanding beauty. Try working this color in beautiful invitations and save the date cards with the use of watercolors and dazzling bridesmaid dresses.

sapphire blue jewel-toned wedding color ideas for fall 2015

Emerald Green

Born in the month of May? Then this stone is a great color choice, not only will it have meaning for you, but it looks, clean, fresh and ever so stylish. It can be quite difficult to get this vibrant shade just right in a bouquet, so why not focus this color in your invitations, table decorations, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding favors.

emerald green and gold fall wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses trends

Ruby Red

Why not try ruby for an autumn wedding, you could even grab a few natural yellow and orange shades from this beauty.

jewel tones ruby red wedding color scheme inspiration 2015

Turquoise Blue

An opaque, blue-to-green mineral, it is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been a prized gem due to its unique hue. A beautiful color for those warm summer months.

trending jewel-toned tuquoise blue wedding color combos

Amethyst Purple

A beautiful color for any month, this traditionally violet precious stone will look fabulous in its monochromatic theme.

amethyst purple wedding color inspiration for autumn themed weddings

Rose Gold

An extremely popular color at the moment, unlike the naturally silver shade of rose gold, beautiful peachy pink shades have been introduced from this prized metal.

rose gold wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses for 2015

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