Wedding Gown Romance: The Story about Enchanting Lace & Types Of Lace.

Delicate, graceful, adorable and time-honored, I have a lot of words that can praise LACE. Obviously, I am a huge fan, just because I think it can add a touch of elegance to the whole wedding ensemble. So let’s see some hot lace types that are being used.

Graceful Lace Bridal Dress

This it the needlepoint lace made of linen thread with a background of patterns, outlined with heavy threads to embolden the pattern which add more definition. Originated in Alençon, France. It’s also called “Queen of Lace”, and is one of the most popular lace types amongst top-brand designers.

Vintage French Alencon Lace Fabric

Most lace wedding dresses available at Tulle & Chantilly use Alencon lace.

Besides bridal gowns, we can still find Alencon being used on other wedding decorations, such as veils and used to inspire so many other designs.

Silk Tulle Alencon Lace Trim Bridal Veil

Alencon Lace Ivory Ring Bearer Pillow

Alencon Lace Ivory Ring Bearer Pillow from Etsy

Gorgeous Alencon Lace Embellished Wedding Cake

Here’s some other wedding inspiration using this theme.

Alencon Lace Covered Christmas Ornament Idea

Source: tikkido

Chantilly is handmade bobbin lace named after the city of Chantilly, France. Featured in flowers and ribbons on a plain net or organza background, the pattern is outlined in cordonnet. With the effect of light and shadow, this kind of lace is much more popular in black.

Rose Pattern Black Chantilly Lace

It’s still very popular in bridal gowns…….

Chantilly Lace Overlay Wedding Gown by Monique lhuillier

by Monique lhuillier

This is also a French bobbin lace, which features a large series of motifs connected by few threads, the motif pattern lay-out is on a coarse mesh net.

Oscar de la Renta Blue Silk Taffeta Dress with Ivory Guipure Lace Covered

by Oscar de la Renta

A Tulle & Chantilly Guipure lace top.

And finally let’s end with a pretty lace pink wedding bouquet.

Chic Lace Wedding Bridal Bouquet

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