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Design your own Wedding Gown

Every special bride deserves a perfect dress that will suit her special needs and unique taste! So what better way to get this than designing your own dress! Simply begin by finding what details you love and shapes of dresses that you know will suit your figure, then hand them to us and we'll wave our magic wand! Click here to see how our dress customizing dress works!
Brides can order a custom-made design based on various sources of inspiration, or alternatively choose a gown from our bridal collection. Brides can customize their gown in so many way, such as the length of train, the hem-line, the closure, neckline and color to name just a few!

Click on one of the images below for details on our most recent custom-made dress details and services. It will also give you a detailed insight into how we work on specific projects. We are often so preoccupied with processing orders, designing and making new styles on top of blogging!

For more details about the making of our Tulle & Chantilly dresses, please check out our blog and read so many brides individual stories.We are always looking forward to hearing from new brides with your individual requests and requirements, so simply get in touch to be our next leading Tulle & Chantilly bride.

Do you feel confident enough to order your very own custom-made dress from Tulle & Chantilly after reading the stories above? If not contact us at info@tulleandchantilly.com for more information.

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