13 Unique Things to Carry: Say ‘Goodbye’ to Flower Girl Basket Ideas

Other than picking desirable flower girl dresses which going perfectly with your wedding themes, giving your flower girls something unique to carry should also be very well considered.

How about doing something surprisingly when your flower girl walking downing the aisle? How about moving out the comfort zone of traditional wedding ceremony? Instead of a basket filled with flower petals, make it fun with something creative for her to carry along and have your sweet flower girl all smiles for her cutest moment in the spotlight! Here are 13 unique flower girl petal alternatives for sure to get a chorus of ‘Awwws’.

The fantabulous part? You can use any creative alternative to suit the vibe of your wedding themes!

  • Balloons

Swap traditional baskets filled with rose petals for balloons! Without limitation of size, shapes and designs, the balloons will definitely be magical in photos and a colorful treat for her to enjoy as your flower girl makes her way towards the front of the ceremony aisle. Either for gold and white church wedding or for rose gold forest wedding, to ensure to match your wedding color palette, giant balloons can be fastened by elegant ribbons.


Photo Credits: Calder Clark | Wedding Designer/Valorie Darling Photography/Rustic Wedding Chic/Elizabeth Anne Designs

  • A Flower Cart

Can’t get over the cuteness of this flower girl her floral ‘Here comes the bride’ wagon! Cuteness overload!


Photo Credits: Candice Benjamin Photography, LLC./ Place du Mariage/Cedarwood Weddings/ONE LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY

  • A Pretty Pinwheel

Perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies! In your beach wedding, she wears a white lace flower girl dress and carry a light sky blue pinwheel, just over-the-moon adorable!


Photo Credits: Smashing Weddings/wedding chicks

  • Bubbles

How brilliant this idea of flower girls blowing bubbles as walking down the aisle is! Minimal cleanup and easy to use, bubbles are floating romantically in the air! Simply magical!


Photo Credits: Honey Photographs

  • Pets

Funny and adorable! If the flower girl is okay with animals, consider her walking the pup down the aisle.  Especially when you hope that, your beloved pets can enjoy this precious moment with you!


Photo Credits: wedding chicks/KLK PHOTOGRAPHY/ Taylor Lord Photography/EMILY WREN PHOTOGRAPHY

  • Confetti

In case you want to go the ‘tossing’ route, twist the petals tradition a bit and make the cuties sprinkle confetti!

  • Feathers

Just imagine soft feather gently floating down next to your flower girl as she prances along, romantic and dreamlike!

  • Seashells

What does a flower girl carry for a beach wedding? How about a coconut or a basket filled with tiny seashells?



  • A Parasol

Working best for outdoor weddings & summer weddings, parasols can not only ad a romantic & classic touch but also protect the cuties’ soft skin from the sunlight.


Photo Credits: Nicole Campo Photography/ EMILY WREN PHOTOGRAPHY/Diana Elizabeth

  • A Lantern

For a boho wedding, mothing beats a string of twinkle lights wound up in a mason jar or a ball of intertwined rattan! Flameless and fancy!


Photo Credits: Kate Preftakes Photography/AFLORAL

  • A Little Purse

How cute would a little purse embellished with flowers that matches her flower girl dress be! You can also have her carry the wedding vows in her purse.



  • A Bouquet

How about making a flower girl a miniature of the bride? Create a petite version of your bridal bouquet for her to carry. Your youngest attendant will be excited to have a bouquet like the rest of your bridesmaids.


Photo Credits: Alex Winner Photography/ Allison Kuhn Creative

  • A Sign

It is a major trend! Send flower girls down the aisle carrying a sweet sign or flag with a message reading something like “Here comes the bride” or “Wait ’til you see her.”


Photo Credits: wedding chicks/ Jemma Keech / This Love of Yours Photography

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