15 Brilliant Wedding Tips for Your Wedding Planning

With dozens of decisions (like colors, flowers, cakes and dresses) need to make, we know planning a wedding is quite stressful! But here we will show you something you need to know to save your time before your big day. Just check out these must read wedding tips below!

wedding tip on wedding respond cards

tips on pee in a wedding dress

wedding tip on wedding perfume ideas

photography wedding tips

wedding dress tips

wedding tips on honeymoon planning

wedding planning tips

tips for wedding day from Tulle & Chantilly

tips on wedding reception from Tulle & Chantilly

tips on creating a hashtag for your wedding

tips on planning a wedding

wedding tip on cleanning your engagement ring

wedding tips on inviting

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  1. I love your tip about remembering that food and music are the most important things in the event. My sister is getting married and doesn’t know what to get for entertainment. I’ll have to consider getting her a DJ and catering services.

  2. I’ve always heard the tips about not wearing bra during the morning before the wedding ceremony because it will leave a marks on your back and shoulders. These tips are brilliant. Well done!

  3. Outstanding tips. I will surely remember this. My sister is getting married next year. I’ll make sure to remember these helpful tips especially the food and music that will be cherished.

  4. My cousin would like to hold a barn wedding this year, which is why she has decided to look for a spacious venue. I’ll also keep in mind to look for the best photographers. Thank you for sharing the importance of having a realistic budget too.

  5. My sister is currently looking for a wedding suit and bridal gown for her and her fiance because their wedding day is fast approaching. Anyhow, I also agree with you that it will be best if they’ll start looking for a catering service. Thank you for sharing the importance of having a realistic budget too.

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