2023 sustainable satin prom bridesmaid dresses from tulleandchantilly

As a brand-new year is about to begin, we’re already dreaming about 2023 weddings! We went to the most stylish resources to find out what’s popular and trending in 2023. We’re so excited to show you our new style with some color idea.  From unique color palettes to fresh new ideas for your bridesmaid dresses and wedding decor, we’ve got you covered. And also to sequel our take and launch on the biggest sustainable bridesmaids dress trends for 2023. There are so many gorgeous styles and colors to choose from!

  Follow along our Trending 2023 Wedding Color Guide and Bridesmaids trend for a *sneak peek* and be the first to know what’s trendy next year! Keep reading to learn more about the most incredible wedding trends for 2023.


Mismatched bridesmaid dresses and wedding party attire are a favorite of mine that we love to keep seeing. Brides are getting more and more intentional and creative with their squad style. In addition to color matching, we have introduced new ideas! Similar bridesmaid styles represent each bridesmaid’s character and style with modified neckline designs! Such as off the shoulder, Sweetheart and Cowl neckline, every bridesmaid finds the most suitable bridesmaid dress for her and not be left behind! (Learn More: How to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress for Your Body Type)

Tulle & Chantilly understand every bride expects her wedding being perfect and unique. That’s why we offer unlimited custom services to make it happen.

2023 sustainable satin prom bridesmaid dresses with off the shoulder, sweetheart and cowl neck
Style: TBQP81, TBQP591, TBQP582
Style: TBQP591


One of the biggest trends we’re predicting for 2023 is bold and unique color palettes. More and more couples are opting for daring and unforgettable color schemes that reflect their personalities.

If you’re planning a 2023 wedding, don’t be afraid to experiment with some out-of-the-blue color schemes. Such as Emerald & Dark navy. These jewel-toned colors give off rich, luxurious vibes, while still remaining fun and colorful.

2023 sustainable satin prom bridesmaid dresses in emerald and dark navy

Blue mismatched bridesmaid dresses are such an underrated choice, ideal for a chic indoor or outdoor wedding! This blue-toned lineup looks gorgeous no matter the season and lends a peaceful and elegant look. It is easy to complement with satin bridesmaid dresses, like our new mermaid satin bridesmaid dresses in teal blue, dusty blue, royal blue. Whether it’s a wedding or a prom, you can’t go wrong choosing our sustainable satin bridesmaid dresses

2023 sustainable satin prom bridesmaid dresses in teal blue, dusty blue, royal blue
Style: TBQP592, TBQP590, TBQP591

Looking for a completely different and unique mismatched look?! Let each bridesmaid have their own dress style and color! Try did just that with different dresses in a beautiful range of jewel-tones. Such as our new color lipstick satin bridesmaid dresses with some champagne & emerald wedding decor. What a way to let your bridal party and ceremony stand out! It’s perfect for the modern bride who wants a non-traditional and chic wedding look.

2023 sustainable satin prom bridesmaid dresses in lipstick


Single-use plastics and materials that damage the earth will be difficult to find in 2023 and beyond. Couples are using their special day as an opportunity to reduce their impact, whether that means wedding decor or sustainable wedding dresses & bridesmaid dresses. We advocate this idea and strongly support it! Tulle & Chantilly has been promoting this idea since the COVID-19 and incorporating our bridesmaid dresses into it. This new satin is still going on, we design reusable dresses with special meanings and something accessories, so that you are no longer limited to weddings, suitable for graduation ceremonies, proms, etc.

One big 2023 bridesmaid dress trend from the runway was mermaid dresses. I love this idea because it can be worn again to other grand balls after the wedding. Mermaid satin style with sweetheart and slit in Champagne and lipstick. It’s the perfect dress and color for the sweet wedding to make their debut on the dance floor.

2023 sustainable satin prom bridesmaid dresses with mermaid style and sweetheart design

This flowy silver sage dress is a contemporary and classic choice, and perfect for the modern bride. Either as a bridesmaid dress or as a prom dress, the cowl neckline and the thigh slit also offer you a unique and fashion-forward touch. 

2023 sustainable satin prom bridesmaid dresses with cowl neck and side slit in silver sage

Royal blue is the representative of prom. We have designed a classic and stylish prom dress style for this, a low V neckline combined with an Corset Back! Sexy and stylish! What’s more, we have collected a large number of fan requests and added pocket design, hoping that Tulleandchantilly girls will be special and comfortable to wear it (PS: 200+ styles have added custom pocket service on our website)

2023 sustainable satin prom bridesmaid dresses with low V neck and pocket from tulleandchantilly

Last but not least an idea! Side streamers. We offer custom belts in any style to make your dress more refined and special!

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