This year, satin bridesmaid dresses are popular all over the world. For 2023, we boldly predict that satin bridesmaid dresses will continue to be hot and will develop in new directions!

Now 2022 is at the corner, we are going to discuss about 2022 wedding trend today! Taking on the idea of sustainable satin bridesmaid dresses for 2022,  2023 will be largely an extension of sustainability. For dresses, it will not be limited to weddings and bridesmaid crowds, whether you are a teenager who needs to attend a graduation ceremony, or a girl who is invited to a grand party, Sustainable satin dresses will be a perfect choose for yours. So we created a new series to sequel our take and launch on the biggest sustainable prom & bridesmaids dress trends for 2023: a collection of dresses that can be used for all kinds of formal occasions, such as graduations, piano recitals, all kinds of normal banquets, etc. With the advantages of high gloss fabrics and exclusive tailoring by our tulleandchantilly designers, every girl who chooses tulleandchantilly can express her unique style for any occasion! Swipe the page to choose your favorite style and color!

2023 wedding trend for prom and sustainable bridesmaid dresses from tulleandchantilly

Blue is a symbol of eternity and will continue to be hot in 2023, It is worth paying attention to the exquisite shade of blue. Create the most balanced group by choosing two or three colors, such as Royal blue, dusty blue, dark navy, no matter what the occasion,Make yourself feel just special! These Luxurious blue color and prom satin styles in Dark Navy are sure to do that! Of course, if you have more ideas about the blue color, please feel free to contact us 🙂

Elegant wedding color in royal blue, dusty blue, dark navy in prom bridesmaid dresses for 2023 idea
Photo by casa.com.br/

In addition to the blue palette, the classic emerald must not be forgotten! We have designed a classic and stylish prom dress style for this, with a sweetheart neckline combined with an off-the-shoulder design, simple and sophisticated! What’s more, we have collected a large number of fan requests and added pocket design, hoping that tulleandchantilly girls will be special and comfortable to wear it (PS: 200+ styles have added custom pocket service on our website)

Classic emerald green wedding color in our prom gown satin sustainable bridesmaid dresses with off the shoulder and pocket design
Dress Style: TBQP575

Something about a deep, rich hue that has a way of capturing our attention—like a wine color in our NEW prom satin fabric. This stylish prom dress is a classic of our sustainable philosophy, with detachable sleeves to enrich the style of convertible styles, and side streamers are our new idea to make you stand out on a grand occasion! If you have new ideas for these styles, please contact us, we are very supportive of allowing every girl to participate in designing their own dresses!

Pretty prom bridesmaid dresses design with off the shoulder and side slit in wine for 2023 wedding trend
Dress Style: TBQP574

Pairing dark colors (wine) with bright accents (silver sage) might push you out of your comfort zone at first, but don’t feel like you have to play it safe. This daring combination of different colored bridesmaid & prom dresses is perfect for an artsy, eclectic group.

Mix match wedding color ideas in wine and silver sage in prom satin gown bridesmaid dresses for 2023 wedding trend
Color: Wine; Silver sage

Bright hot pink was a popular prom dresses color , Because this color is bold enough to stand on its own, It is a color that expresses personality and fashion, and is especially popular in fashion catwalk occasions and college graduation galas. So we recommend choosing matching hot pink color bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses for the most cohesive effect.

Amazing wedding color in hot pink gown prom bridesmaid dresses and pin wedding idea for 2023 wedding trend
Photo by Greenweddingshose/ inspiredbythis.com/ marthastewart.com/ Hot pink prom dresses

We are seeing purple & lilac everywhere and we expect the trend to be very much on trend for 2022 & 2023 wedding. This rich, romantic hue is versatile enough to work for any season or prom dresses style, and we have the photographic evidence to prove it.

2023 hot wedding color in purple tone in lilac for tulleandchantilly wedding trend
Lilac Prom Bridesmaid Dresses

Last but not least, Similar dress with different designs are a sure way to let your BFFs show their personal style! There are ⁠spaghetti straps and strapless and slit designs for you to customize, depending on your style.

Custom prom bridesmaid dresses style with spaghetti straps and boat neck design for 2023 custom wedding trend
Dress Style: TBQP576, TBQP577

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