24 Creative Backyard Wedding Decors on a Budget

No wedding is sweeter than a backyard wedding during COVID-19. It is convenience, easy DIY and well under control. To keep you on track, we’ve collected some gorgeous backyard wedding decor ideas that will help you create a unique and impressive backyard wedding.

Check Out These Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas For Gorgeous Intimate Weddings

Wedding Welcome sign

Decorate the sign with greenery, including some flowers that tie into the same color as the wedding flowers. You will have a simple, affordable, and beautiful decoration that’s elegant and lovely.

Wedding welcome sign ideas for backyard wedding via Sonnenglas
Photo via Sonnenglas

Wedding Aisle

Creating an aisle in your backyard can be as easy as setting up a dramatic backdrop complete with chairs on either side. Add your personality to it with rugs, ribbons, or flowers.

backyard boho wedding decor idea, wedding walkway with pampas grass
641photo via Goldröschen

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dress<< is also one of part of wedding decor. For backyard wedding, keep it casual and simple by styling your girls in fun and flirty dresses that are perfect for twirling and dancing the night away.

Beautiful light blue bridesmaid dresses for backyard wedding 2021 trend, photo
Bridesmaid Dresses from Tulle & Chantilly Photo via Jake & Katie Photography
backyard wedding idea with emerald bridesmaid dresses
Bridesmaid Dresses from Tulle & Chantilly Photo via Crown photo
mismatched gray bridesmaid dresses for spring back yard wedding
Bridesmaid Dresses from Tulle & Chantilly Photo via Amymaddoxphoto

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Creative Wedding Decors

The backyard wedding can be very budget friendly, you can use some old furniture to decorate your wedding creatively and warmly.

Wedding Arch

Brides are getting more and more creative with their wedding arch decorations. Whether it’s romantic or modern, a lovely arch will make a wedding ceremony so much more memorable. For backyard wedding, you can choose the big tree as the arch and decorate it with Draping Fabric<< or macrame wall hanging.

Wedding arch decors for rustic outdoors wedding
via Noni

Wedding Cakes

As the micro backyard weddings are more and more popular during the COVID-19, having the wedding cupcakes is a brilliant idea this intimate wedding.

Creative wedding cake idea, rustic wedding cake with donuts, perfect for fall backyard wedding
via Brides
Stunning wedding cakes for micro wedding
photo via Evermine

Table Settings

This is particularly important for a sit-down dinner. After you’ve arranged seating arrangements for your guests, make sure that they have pretty table settings readily waiting in front of them.


For backyard wedding, it will be the romantic choice to use lighting. You can decor it inside or outdoors to make your wedding look amazing.

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