25 Lavender Wedding Bouquets, Favors And Centerpieces Ideas For 2016 Spring

fab wedding centerpieces ideas with lavender

To take an outlook for 2016 spring wedding, what do you want for your big days? Lavender always reminds me of a bright spring morning with warm sunshine and soft wind. Lavender, as a plant, is a great element for a rustic country wedding as bouquets, favors, centerpieces… let alone it also can bring Provence to your garden or backyard. Today I’ll share you 25 wonderful lavender wedding bouquets ideas hope you’ll like!

1. Wedding Bouquets

rustc lavender and rose wedding bouquets wrapped in burlap

Facibeni Fotografia Photography

loveliest lavender wedding bouquet ideas

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gorgeous and fragrant lavender wedding bouquet ideas

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elegant lavender wedding bouquet with gypsophlia

Benjamin Stuart Photography

stunning lavender wedding bouquet for spring wedding

Jennifer Jackson Photography

lovely lavender wedding bouquet ideas that you will love

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simply elegant lavender and baby breath wedding bouquet

Yeliz Atici Photography

romantic lavender wedding bouquet with bridal blush protea

KT Merry Photography

lavender inspired spring wedding bouquet ideas

Cassandra Lane Photography

2. Wedding Centerpieces

lavender and twine wrapped candlles as wedding centerpieces

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Sweet and simple lavender DIY centerpieces with burlap table numbers

LOVE OUT LOUD Photograhy

candleholders lined in dried lavender wedding centerpices ideas

Aaron Watson Photography

Jar Lavender Gypsophila Baby Breath Flowers Tables Centrepiece

Cristina Rossi Photography

woodland lavender in mason jar wedding centerpieces ideas

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fab wedding centerpieces ideas with lavender

3. Wedding Favors

cute bourbon wedding favors with lavender

Amber Gress Photography

pots of lavender spring wedding favors ideas

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lovely lavender wedding favors ideas that you'll love

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pretty and useful lavender wedding favors

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DIY Lavender Sachet Wedding Favours

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fun spring wedding favors ideas with lavender

Pictilio Photography

bunch of lavender as excort cards and wedding favors

Aneta MAK Photography

beautiful lavender wedding inspiration wedding favors

KT Merry Photography

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