30 Amazing Micro Wedding Idea You Should Know

Hi brides!

 We know in the time of COVID-19, some of you want to have a smaller wedding. You and your partner may have joked about eloping, but if you can’t bring yourselves to buck all tradition, there’s another option: a micro wedding.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is any ceremony and/or reception with less than 50 total guests. Don’t confuse the micro wedding with the elopement wedding, which implies a spontaneous, quick wedding with few (if any) guests. The difference is micro wedding contains all the traditional elements of  wedding ceremony, wedding venue, photographer, cake, and decor. You will still have a beautiful wedding only with a smaller size and less cost.

Today we will share some tips of holding a micro wedding with you.

Find a beautiful Wedding Venues

At first you need to find a beautiful wedding venue. Explore local cafes, recording studios, a park, some where in the wood, and anywhere you like. Renting non-traditional venues is both more affordable and perfect for your group size. 

micro wedding idea with stunning wedding venue,
photo by greenweddingshoes
Micro wedding arch on a budget
photo by alisonconklin

Make It Meaningful

Don’t skip the chance to share words and promises with one another, surrounded by the people who are truly closest to the two of you. Lee also loves the inclusion of sentimental details, like wearing your grandmother’s brooch or having your dog walk down the aisle with you, to give the day personal value.

outdoor micro wedding ceromony idea
photo by Lindsey Roman

Chic Wedding Decor

Usually the micro wedding are smaller, so you can make a beautiful decor with a lower budget. You can select the decor according to your wedding themes in every corner

wedding swing idea for spring outdoor wedding
photo by ilyinaphoto
outdoor wedding idea with wedding sigh
photo by Casa Vogue
wedding walk way decoration idea
photo by MODwedding

All about the Details

Micro weddings are all about the details!

creative wedding decor idea for micro wedding
photo by mindyweiss
vintage wedding decor idea
photo by root + gather events
spring outdoor wedding favor idea
photo by ruffledblog
micro wedding decor idea 2021

Having fun with your bridal party

Celebrating your best day with your best friends is always one of the most exciting thing a wedding bring to every bride. In a micro wedding, you have more time with you girls, so take more beautiful photos!

Emerald bridesmaid dresses, perfect for micro wedding 2021,
photo by crownphotographyandfilm / Bridesmaid dresses by Tulle and Chantilly
spring outdoor wedding idea with bridesmaid dresses
Photo by whitecanvasphoto / Bridesmaid dresses by Tulle and Chantilly
mauve bridesmaid dress, perfect for winter micro wedding idea
photo by mattramos / Bridesmaid dresses by Tulle and Chantilly

Bridesmaid Dress You May Like:

Color in Emerald / Platinum / Mauve

Long table reception

When it comes to the reception, opt for family-style seating. Long tables with seats or backless benches on either side will create both a casual and intimate feel. You’ll get to socialize with more of your guests this way.

outdoor micro wedding long table reception idea
micro garden wedding centerpiece idea 2021

A Small Delicate Wedding Cake

Usually, a 10” cake for guest lists of up to 35 people or a 12” cake if you plan to have as many as 50 guests.  So a simple delicate wedding cake is perfect for a chic micro wedding.

Simple wedding cake for micro weddings
photo by Sisti&Co

Make you guests join in and enjoy your wedding

For micro weddings, the guest are the closest person in your like, so it’s all about having fun in your best day ever. Prepare some games on your wedding, let every one enjoy the happiness.

backyard wedding idea with giant garden jenga
photo credits to Savanah Schuster
classic wedding game idea, table football
photo credits to Personello
rustic wedding idea, creative wedding game
photo credits to Cedarwood Weddings
creative wedding idea, cocktail time wedding game
photo credits to Goldröschen

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