5 Hot Wedding Trends and Themes for 2015

Only half of a month after we stepped into another year, however don’t despair, 2015 looks like it isn’t going to disappoint. The wedding industry is set to see some pretty exciting trends and themes that will make planning your wedding a dream. From completely new concepts, like wanderlust to back by popular demand rustic, there is certainly a style to tantalize every bride’s taste buds.

top 5 hot wedding trends and themes ideas 2015

photo by Jeremiah And Rachel Photography via SMP

#1 Vintage

We saw vintage take a step back from the limelight this year, but 2015 is going to welcome it back with wide-open arms. Designers have really homed in on the vintage look designing gowns with an abundance of jewels, lace and classic styling details. Be sure to decorate your tables with candles, frames and other finds from your local thrift shop for an amazing look that won’t cost you those hefty vintage prices.

vintage wedding theme and decoration ideas for wedding 2015

photo by Erich Mcvey via Once Wed | Paper Antler via Ruffled Blog | The Pinwheel Collective via Wedding Chicks | Steve Steinhardt via SMP

#2 Woodland

Embrace the trees with a woodland wedding! It’s such a great place to wed due to its dark dramatic appearance. That doesn’t mean everything needs to look gloomy, just make sure you cleverly decorate the scene with light colors and choose a time that makes the most of your natural daylight. This theme can also be continued into your invitations, cake and favors, with the use of cute tree and bear motifs.

woodland forest wedding ideas and themes for wedding trends 2015

photo by Krystle Akin via Ruffled Blog | Pinterest | The Knot | WOOKIE via SMP 

#3 Rustic

So rustic has been around for quite some time, but the theme is set to be just as big in 2015, with so many new unique and exciting ideas out there. Its casual cool charm is safeguarding this theme for years to come.

rustic inspired wedding ideas for 2015 wedding trends

photo by Bamber Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic | Pinterest | Orchard Cove Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic | Hufflington Post| Laura Murray Photography via Wedding Chicks

#4 Shabby Chic

For me this theme is perfect, I love to make and do everything on my own, however I just don’t have the patience to pay attention to every minor detail and soon get bored if a project takes up too much of my time. Shabby chic is exactly that, it’s about creating something that is half finished, worn and not in immaculate condition. I am so thankful that this theme is hot right now! Shabby Chic, Shabby Chic, Shabby Chic!!!

shabby chic wedding inspiration ideas 2015

photo by Pinterest | Elisabeth Carol Photography via Wedding Chicks | Kristyn Hogan via Elizabeth Anne Designs 

#5 Wanderlust

The world really is our oyster and these days it’s easier to travel the globe than it ever has been. Of course we don’t want to promote the idea of increasing your carbon footprint, but when it comes to the biggest day of your life, why not take the plunge and opt for a destination wedding, or if just love the idea of travel and embracing different cultures, then why not bring this exciting and unique theme onto your doorstep with some new novel ideas that will really blow your guests away.  Here are some ideas that we think look fab!

wanderlust destination inspired wedding themes and ideas 2015

photo by Pinterest | Laurel McConnell Photography via SMP | Bridal Musings

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