5 Striking Emerald Combinations Wedding Color Palettes

Your wedding color palette is the tone for your entire celebration. Emerald is always a hot Pan-tone color of the year, which is elegant and chic for all season wedding. These emerald wedding palettes prove that green is still a showstopping color for weddings! You could use this color scheme for any number of wedding themes. To inspire your big day’s main colors, we’ve corralled photos featuring the prettiest emerald combinations from real weddings and something wedding ideas. All palettes are just about the emerald wedding color, we are swooning over this picture perfect combos with emerald. Apply these pretty combos to any element, whatever your wedding themes, such as rustic wedding, contemporary wedding, Bohemian wedding, or traditional wedding.


We all know that rust wedding colors are a huge trend in 2021, and lucky for 2022 brides that this big trend will head on to the next year. Also the orange color pan-tone was become purple recently. We just love this rich color which is so fancy but also so retro. It pairs perfectly with emerald tones or green accents and somehow simultaneously feels modern and vintage, making itself  the hottest color for fall and winter weddings.

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Dusty rose color palette is become more and more popular recently. Pink wedding can take place in any season and often bring a cute and full of vitality style to a wedding. What’s more, on the basis of dusty rose bridesmaid dresses and wedding cake, with emerald color as the wedding sign and wedding background, that will provide the perfect backdrop to your Retro and special wedding.

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This wedding color palette brought the high-class glamour to the fall wedding day with a color palette of emerald and wine tones, and we are strong to recommend this wedding color palette! Not only did the bridesmaids look ultra fab in their emerald and wine bridesmaid dresses, everywhere was stunning wine element, it’s perfect with emerald wedding color. Our personal favorite was the wedding cake, it’s very nobility!

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Green color palette bridesmaid dresses, with its refresh hue, can be paired with emerald accent colors like emerald suits, which looks contrasted and brighter. White bride with Emerald and moss bridesmaid dresses, that looks so great. Also choose deep sea wedding cake and wedding table decoration. Wedding bouquets can be in some Ivory colors and something green.

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Dusty Blue has long been a stylish color choice for fall and winter weddings. But why not give your nuptials a fresh spin by pairing shades of dusty blue with emerald? We’ve collected some amazing wedding inspiration for this wedding color palette—chiffon and tulle bridesmaid dresses in dusty blue from tulleandchantilly, retro emerald wedding cake, rich boho style wedding table decoration, dusty blue wedding bouquet….

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