6 Coolest Fall Wedding Color Trend For 2022

There’s a reason why fall is now the most popular season to get married. Not only is the weather usually picture-perfect, but the colors this time of year are stunning. Luckily, you can incorporate these beautiful hues into your fall wedding look. Whether you’re a wedding out door or indoor,  putting together the perfect wedding color is easy. Check out some of the coolest fall wedding colors for this year—and building your wedding style in a few wedding decors.


Every year when we talk about color trends, emerald never goes away. They look stunning year-round, from spring to winter. 2022 and 2023, emerald will continue to be hot. Trying to mix the ivory wedding dress, it will take on an ethereal, calming tone. If you decide to plan a great fall wedding, then this is your color.

Great fall wedding color in  emerald from tulleandchantilly 2022

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As one of the most classic wedding colors, burgundy is always a staple in many couples’ palettes and aesthetics. Burgundy always stand out in fall and winter wedding, it is a great choice for autumn and winter weddings. Also, burgundy is a universally flattering color, so it’s an easy addition to your wedding and the bridesmaid dresses.

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Canyon rose

What makes a better fall wedding color than canyon rose? A canyon rose color is perfect for a fall wedding, whether you want it as your main color for bridesmaids dresses or as an accent. Canyon rose always look great together and make for an idyllic autumnal wedding. Use actual canyon rose as wedding decor at your wedding reception!

Rustic wedding color idea in rust bridesmaid dresses and rustic wedding decor 2022 2023

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Deep sea

For those looking to add some color to their fall wedding yet hold onto the timeless feel that neutrals bring, deep sea color will do just that.  This color has peaceful and slightly blue undertones which naturally connect to the earth and its grounding presence,  To take it just a bit further, you can opt deep sea bridesmaid dresses and surprise your guests with some wedding decor in deep sea color

Hot fall wedding color in deep sea bridesmaid dresses, wedding cake and wedding bouquets

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Rust color is still the hottest color for fall weddings. There are endless ways to incorporate this chic retro color onto your wedding decor, from your ceremony.  Such as rust bridesmaid dress、rustic wedding cake and rustic wedding invitations.

Rustic wedding color idea in rust bridesmaid dresses and rustic wedding decor 2022 2023

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We are seeing purple everywhere and the trend to be very much on trend for 2022 wedding. This rich, romantic hue is versatile enough to work for fall season or wedding style, If you choose this Aubergine as your fall wedding color, why not try our bridesmaid separates dress?

2022 new color in aubergine from tulleandchantilly real fall wedding idea

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