Bridesmaid Dress Trend – Let’s Go Mint!

Mint is the color of nature, symbolizing growth, freshness and fertility. Should you choose a darker green then it has the association of money, whereas lighter shades can often be linked to peace. Not only does mint have such good connotations, but it’s a fabulous color for bridesmaids all year round!Mint Wedding Color Trends

Mint can be combined with so many other colors including gold, gray, white, peach and apricot shades, making it a popular color combo at many weddings. There has been a recent influx of mint seen in weddings, with beautiful succulent bouquets, outdoor venues and a conscious focus on an eco-friendly world. There is so much choice this year when it comes to mint bridesmaids dresses, here are a few of our favorite styles.
Mint and Purple Wedding Color Inspiration

After deciding your wedding theme, another thing you need to do is to find the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses and favors/gifts for your lovely girls. Since there are so many styles to choose from, it’s not easy to choose the right one. For those who are looking for the popular mint bridesmaid dresses might be feel happy that we have collected top 5 hot dress styles in mint for your maids here. Wish you a happy wedding!

#Style 5: With Patterns

mint bridesmaid dresses with patterns for wedding 2014

#Style 4: Solid Mint (Long / Short)

solid mint bridesmaid dresses for wedding 2014

#Style 3: Lace

lace mint green bridesmaid dresses

#Style 2: Illusion Neckline

illusion mint bridesmaid dresses 2014

#Style 1: Mix and Match

mix and match mint bridesmaid dresses

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Don’t forget to prepare gifts for your lovely girls. Yummy candies, elegant accessories or cute mirrors are popular choices. Wrap them in mint bags, ribbons or paper boxes to complete your wedding!

mint wedding favor bags

Photo credits: mint favor bag//mint rolls

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