Choose Your Invitation Style – Vintage Wedding Invitations

We’ve recently been inspired by the sudden surge in custom-made vintage dresses, we all know that weddings are organised around a theme and with so many brides choosing lace and 1950’s style dresses it makes us wonder how they will fit the dress into the rest of the wedding. After some research we’ve found that it’s not only the dress scene but it’s also been heavily imprinted into the invitations and other paper based products. Here’s some of the designs that we found rather inspiring.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Elegance


Letterpress– Think old fashioned, embossed, stylish and incredibly formal.


Ornate Patterns – with graceful intricate swirls or flourishing motifs.

Romantic Floral Motifed Letterpress Invitation Card

We understand that Letterpress can be a tad pricey so how about using intricate floral motifs using standard print, they look just as good, but without the price tag.

Royal Purple Damask Inspired Wedding Invitations with Vintage Intricate Floral Motifs
Vintage Golden Shade Wedding Stationery with Graceful Swirls

Rustic Linen – with Romantic Flora and Fauna and Lace Motifs

Vintage Pink Rose Wedding Invitation Design

Rustic Pink Rose Wedding Stationery with Linen Paper

Unique Statement – Ribbon, Lace or Metallic Wraps
Vintage Lace and Ribbon Rustic Wedding Cards Pretty Rustic Lace Wrapped Wedding Invitation Cards

Metallic Laser Cut Lace Wraped Wedding Invitation

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