Classic Royal Blue Wedding Color Ideas and Bridesmaid Dresses

Royal blue is such a classic color for a wedding and for years brides have stayed away searching for something different and unique, however like most trend cycles, this sassy blue shade is back with a vengeance and this time it’s bringing other vibrant colors into the equation. Mixing up these unlikely colors is bringing a new edge to royal blue, one that is very different, but still very traditional. Here are the colors you’ll need to keep a close eye on in 2015!

royal blue wedding color ideas for wedding 2015

Royal Blue and Shades of Pink

Royal blue and light navy colors have always worked beautifully with hot rose and fuchsia pinks, the colors are great together if you’re looking for a nautical theme or just a color palette that is both eye catching, elegant and unforgettable.

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royal blue and coral pink wedding color ideas and wedding decoration trends

Royal Blue and Shades of Purple

This look is very new and although it’s not a color we’d generally associate with royal blue, it surprisingly just works! The colors can be close in hue, plus even more slightly red shades are compatible too.  Try using a variety of purple shades for an even better effect.

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fuchsia and royal blue wedding color ideas 2015

Royal Blue and Shades of Yellow

Another great nautical color palette, but we also see other themes coming through, neon bright yellows have been seen everywhere quite recently and we think they look refreshing and quite fabulous. Use strong and soft natural shades with the use of sunflowers; daffodils, lemons and light butter scotch roses. One way to really work this color combo is to have yellow as your main color and add in hints of royal blue.

pale yellow and royal blue wedding color ideas for spring summer wedding 2015

royal bue and dark yellow wedding color schemes and bridesmaid dresses styles

Royal Blue and White

These two are just a match made in heaven, a traditional and elegant color combination that can also be made new and exciting. When used together I always get strong feeling of romance, organisation and pure class. Your wedding day will look extremely luxurious and very exclusive if you decide to give this pair a try.

royal blue and white wedding color combo ideas 2015

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