Great Pumpkin Wedding Decoration Ideas for Fall Weddings

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to the Halloween season! For those of you are who having a Fall themed wedding this year or the next, then here’s some great ideas for some cheap and beautiful wedding decorations either using pumpkins or the idea of the hearty vegetable. Pumpkins can be a great way to cut costs and get guests into the festive mood.


Sweet Wedding Pumpkin Carving

Wedding Lace Pumpkin Theme

There’s so much scope you can cover, beautiful abstract flowers, monograms, lace cuts, spots and even painting them to ensure they suit your color palette.

Halloween Lace Themed Wedding Bridal Dress

Or how about something a wee bit OTT! It certainly makes for a unique and quirky idea!

Wedding Pumpkin Of Cinderella Fairy Carriage

Halloween Pumpkin Wedding Cake ToppersFall Pumpkin Wedding Cake

Why not use mini pumpkins as candle holders?

Wedding Pumpkin Candle Holders

Autumn Wedding Floral Pumpkins CenterpieceFall Wedding Pumpkin Garden Hook Decoration

Yep that’s it pumpkins can be incorporated into the wedding anyway you like!
Fall Wedding Pumpkin Ring Bearer PillowFall Wedding Pumpkin Ring Pillow

Hope you found this article useful! Tell us will be be carving an extra pumpkin for your wedding day?

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  1. Hi! I saw the pumpkin couple and was wondering where you found them? I’m doing a fall wedding and we haven’t found a cake topper we liked until this one! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! -Amanda

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for being here. I also love this pumpkin topper.
      You may try search “Kristen & David Halloween Wedding” via google, but I couldn’t make sure whether you will be answered.

      Good luck 🙂


  2. I’m planning on getting married next October 31st and I love the black lace dress in the photo, can you tell me where I could purchase it?

  3. Hey great idea. The pumpkins are looking great. Like pumpkins flowers are also a good element which you can use to decorate your wedding. The main advantage of using flowers is cost cutting. You can minimize your expense up to a great extent. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  4. I’m looking for the cute pumpkin head figures as a cake topper, where in the world can I find those?!! I NEED to know

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