How to Pulling Off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Perfectly For 2023

Hey, brides! Last month, we’ve guided you on how to pick the perfect bridesmaid dresses in style according to your bridesmaids’ body shape. Today we’ll share more ideas to help you pick up mismatch bridesmaid dresses in color.

mismatched bridesmaid fo fall wedding
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The days are gone of everyone wearing the same dress, mismatch bridesmaid dress are getting hot in recent years. More and more brides want to have a unique ensemble featuring gorgeous dresses with different styles, fabrics, hemlines, and colors. Mismatching bridesmaid dress could be simple if you choose the same color, and also could be difficult when you try to pull off different tones.

We hope this article will make everything easier, and all the example pictures are from Tulle and Chantilly’s real wedding.

Basically, there’re four mismatched routes you can choose. And this is the first step for mismatched bridesmaid dress finding.

1. Different bridesmaid dresses in the same color.

This is the simplest way to make the mismatch bridesmaid dresses, you can choose your favorite color with the dresses to fit your bridesmaids best.

fall wedding color idea in wine with different bridesmaid dresses
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deep sea bridesmaid dresses for fall wedding in the wood
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emerald bridesmaid dresses for spring wedding in the wood
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2. Same bridesmaid dress style in different colors

If you’ve found a dress that you adore, and really want the same silhouette for all. You can choose the same bridesmaid dress style in different colors.

fall wedding color idea with bridesmaid dress in burgundy, blush ,dusty rose
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mismatched bridesmaid dress in purple and blue
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mismatched bridesmaid dress in purple and blue2
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mismatched bridesmaid dress in rust, blue and moss
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3. Mix styles and colors from the same shade

Mix color is really hard, it’s more safer to choose the different colors in the same shade. From light color to dark color, the same shade colors will always stun your guests!

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spring wedding mismatched bridesmaid dresses
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blue mismatched bridesmaid dresses for church wedding
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fall wedding idea with green bridesmaid dress, moss, deep sea, and sage
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pinks bridesmaid dress for industral wedding
Green bridesmaid dress for industrial wedding
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4. Mix style and colors in different shades

This might be the hardest and also the stunning way to mix and match the bridesmaid dresses. But you need to select the color very carefully to make sure all the colors can be pulling together!

fall wedding with bridesmaid dresses in dusty blue, dusty rose, and burgundy
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rustic wedding idea with mismathced bridesmaid dresses
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mismatched bridesmaid dresses in fall wedding
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5. Mix style and colors in different Fabric

This is about to be the hottest mashup trend of 2023! Make bold changes to mix and match styles, starting with fabrics and colors. Style yourself with unique fabrics such as velvet, chiffon, tulle and satin to differentiate each bridesmaid’s style

mismatch bridesmaid dresses in velvet, chiffon, tulle and satin fabric

6. Mix and match different necklines or dress designs

How do you like the same design of bridesmaid dresses to distinguish their styles? We can help you achieve this. With minor modifications, you can choose to keep the original unique features, such as changing from a fishtail style to an A-Line, or by changing the neckline design

Mix and match different necklines or dress designs
mismatch bridesmaid dresses in different neckline design

8 Tips to Pulling Off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Beautifully

  • Consider Sticking with One Designer

Normally the designers will stick on their own style, which means the dresses have similar features. So your bridesmaids can choose different colors and styles according to their personality.

  • Keep hemlines in the same length

While you mix the bridesmaid dresses in different styles and colors, the mix lengths will make mismatching more difficult. So our advice is to keep the dress length in the same or have balanced options on the table.

  • Bride set the guidelines, bridesmaids select the dress.

We think the sprint of mismatching is let the girls pick the dress they feel the most comfortable and the most beautiful in. You can pick up all the details such as dress colors, the designers or the vendor, and let the girls choose their dresses.

  • Use paint swatches.

A fun and sure-fire way to achieve the colors you’re looking for is to show AND tell. Take a trip to your local hardware store and pick out the colors you’re envisioning! Then, make it fun and deliver the swatches to your ladies in a cute package when you ask them to join your bride tribe!

  • Color saturation is important, low-color combines naturally 

For example, in Colin and Karly’s wedding, the girls wear dresses in dusty blue, pale sky blue, deep sea, and sky gray. All these colors are in low saturation dusty tone, the matching is natural and perfect!

neutral bridemsid dress for outdoor wedding
  • The bouquets can pull off all the colors

In Dannie and Joe’s wedding, the colors are various and the colors balanced perfectly. The colors  Dannie selected are in a similar saturation, and she also used the bouquets to pulling off them together. The bouquets color a reflecting the bridesmaid dresses color, you can find the dress color on it.

boho wedding idea with mismatched bridesmaid dresses
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wedding bouquets idea for boho wedding
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  • Identical Accessories can Tie the Look Together

In Julie and Gary’s wedding, the girl all wear shoulder decorations in different styles. The accessories easily tied the bridal look together, and made the bridal style so strong!  

blue mismatched bridesmaid dress for outdoor wedding
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shade of blue bridesmaid dresses for spring wedding
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  • Be careful about using contrasting colors

When you mix the bridesmaid dress colors, be careful about using contrasting colors. The contrasting color is really hard to balance such as green and red, yellow and purple. Sure, if you’re matching the color correctly, the contrasting color can be beautiful. But if you’re not sure, we suggest avoiding them.

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