How to Style a Beachside Wedding – Trends and Inspiration

Yesterday I received my first destination beach wedding invitation and I have to say it got me rather excited. One of my very long time best friends is to wed in Thailand next year and she’s going all out. It’s been a long time dream of hers and her fiancé and she wants to get it just right, discussing plans with her recently sparked a desire to write some of our ideas for her venue next April for brides in a similar position to her. So here are some personal favourites and beachside trends for the year ahead and beyond. Hope they spark some inspiration!

beachside wedding ideas

Costal Invitations

There are several themes you can select ranging from nautical boat logos, starfish, anchors and cute sea creatures. Styling ideas are extremely broad this year with vintage themes and modern colour block styles, so it’s simply a case of choosing what’s right for you. Do however keep the style clean, fresh and bright.

costal invitations for beach wedding 2014 beach wedding invitation beach wedding invitationsSeaside Treats

The invitations have been sent out and guests confirmed, now it’s a case of ensuring they are happy with the selection of cool beverages and snacks on offer. Due to the nature of a beach wedding it can be tricky to get the food right, so together with my bestie we decided to think outside the box and get creative with miniature ice creams and snow cones to keep guests cool. Anything refreshing and light will be perfect for this style of wedding.

seaside snacks for beach wedding 2014 beach wedding receptiion food

Table Tops

This was one of our favourite topics and one she worries may be trickier, but her planner has assured us that the hotel will allow her to be as creative as she wishes to be. Here are a few ideas that we think guests will be suitably impressed with.

2014 seaside wedding table tops beach wedding table decoration boho beach wedding table decor seaside wedding centerpieces decor

Wedding Attire

An easy topic we felt, it was just a case of what colour to choose, but we felt bright colours would be the perfect choice, bright orange ties and boutonnieres for the groomsmen and light floaty fabrics like chiffon and organza would be the most appropriate.

wedding attire for beach summer wedding 2014 romantic beach wedding photo mismatched bridesmaid dresses for beach wedding

Other Extras

We’ve seen these signs in previous years but we think they couldn’t be more appropriate for a destination wedding. Just check with your planner or the hotel if they can be arranged and that they are allowed for the venue. Then get creative and surprise guests with your organisational skills.

beach wedding signs 2014 beach wedding signs

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