No! Your Flower Girls Dress Doesn’t HAVE to be White!

Beyond doubt, besides the brides and groom walking down on aisle, the one guaranteed to get the most oohs and aahs on your wedding ceremony, is your flower girl! Wearing the perfect dress will allow her to have her moment in this spotlight!
Commonly white flower girl dresses are the most popular ones as many brides prefer to turn a flower girl into a mini-me version of a bride. Does a flower girl’s dress have to be white? The truth is that flower girls dresses are NOT ALWAYS white and haven’t always been white.
Although white is still the predominant scheme of color, your flower girls dresses can be in all sorts of colors and we have had flower girls in blush, dusty blue and an array of colors depending on your wedding colors or wedding themes!
Check out these 4 best flower girls dresses colors combination ideas we’ve rounded up and get inspired of your own weddings.

Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

In case you want your little flower girl to wear a dress that does not differ much from the white gown, consider buying a dress of ivory, beige or champagne colors! These colors are close to white, meanwhile their hues are warmer and of utmost elegance. Keeping up with the present tendency of matching flower girl’s dress with the color of the bridesmaid dresses, you can choose ivory embroidered lace dress for flower girl and adding a dusty rose sash in the same color as the bridesmaid dresses to pull the bridal party together! Or a dreamlike ivory tulle flower girl dress embellished with embroidered long train and cute satin bow.


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Flower Girls Dresses: T&C Little Girls Dresses


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Flower Girls Dresses: T&C Little Girls Dresses

Blush Flower Girl Dresses

Choose the color of a flower girl dress in accordance with your wedding theme! Thus if you are a fan of pink color and plan to add it to your wedding decorations, a blush pink flower girl dress or the one with a sash in this color will be an awesome option. Or a dusty rose flower girl dress in accordance with your refined dusty rose fall wedding colors. Irregular layered hemline and exquisite appliques on luxury tulle fabric.


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Flower Girls Dresses: T&C Little Girls Dresses


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Flower Girls Dresses: T&C Little Girls Dresses

Blue Flower Girl Dresses

The color of the ocean and the sky, blue is often symbolizes loyalty, reliability and wisdom. The dress of pastel blue color will also be brilliant, like dusty blue flower girl dress or French blue flower girl dress. As for romantically garden wedding or rustic wedding ideas in soft French blue and blush, it will be eye-catching to choose a romantic French blue flower girl dress satin bodice and decorated with fluffy blush tulle ball around the hemline. Wedding trends come and go, but navy blue is always the classic wedding color that never fades! No matter what season it is, you can never go wrong with a navy blue palette! Furthermore, navy blue can work very well with almost all other colors, from pastel colors like blush pink to vintage burgundy. For your sparkling gold and navy wedding theme, a navy blue embroidered lace dress for your little flower girl must be a great option.


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Flower Girls Dresses: T&C Little Girls Dresses


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Flower Girls Dresses: T&C Little Girls Dresses

Green Flower Girl Dresses

Either emerald for vintage wedding ideas or mint, peach & gold for fresh spring wedding ideas, chic and elegant green always has strong correspondence with freshness, harmony and vitality! Consider a royal mint flower girl dress featuring jacquard fabric and handmade gold appliques around the waist! Or a rich emerald green high-low dress for your flower girl, just pay attention to those delicate designs like cap sleeves and handcrafted appliques.


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Flower Girls Dresses: T&C Little Girls Dresses


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Flower Girls Dresses: T&C Little Girls Dresses

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