Pantone Colors Confirmed for Fall 2014 Wedding Trends

That’s right Pantone have recently divulged their hot color line up and let’s just say that they may raise a few eyebrows. The colors are slightly more risky from past collections, making the line up of colors more playful and exciting and quite artistic for fall. However before you despair we are pretty certain that there is a color choice for just about everyone.

fall wedding ideas

On first look the palette looks a tad dark and gloomy, but there are some gorgeous rich colors that will translate really well into a Fall/ Winter wedding and there’s plenty of scope for bridesmaids to get excited about.

pantone fall color 2014 trends

Radiant Orchid

Of course this was going to be in the line up. As color of the year radiant orchid has already received much recognition and it certainly works well in the world of weddings.

2014 radiant orchid fall wedding color inspiration

Royal Blue

A traditional and elegant color that will never fail to let you down. Make sure you don’t overkill the look and keep things simple with a hint of white in the theme.

royal blue fall wedding color 2014


Think radiant sparkly tones of aluminum and this color will win you over. This color will work well closer to Xmas or perhaps zest the color up with Misted yellow for September and October months.

aluminum fall wedding color inspiration 2014

Aurora Red

A gorgeous color for early autumn and late summer weddings, it’s a bold, striking color for a wedding, but when done properly this color can look sophisticated and spectacular.

aurora red fall wedding color trends 2014

Misted Yellow

A surprising color for fall but it will certainly brighten a dull autumn day.

misted yellow fall wedding color 2014


Our favorite amongst the color line-up, we love this rich earthy tone and it will look gorgeous on your maids.

sangria fall wedding inspiration 2014

Mauve Mist 

If you find radiant orchid too loud then this shade of pink may just be the right color for you. It’ s a soft elegant color that works well during any season of the year.

mauve mist fall wedding ideas 2014


A great earthy tone for fall, try using this color with one of the other colors, such as misted yellow, mauve mist and royal blue.

cognac autumn wedding ideas 2014

Bright Cobalt

Hot in Spring 2009, this color is making a strong comeback and although traditionally we would associate this color with summer, why not try using the look in a winter venue teamed with silver and rich fuchsia pinks.

bright cobalt wedding fall wedding ideas 2014


At a first glance this color may not win you over but mixed with soft white and ivory this color will look stylish, elegant and sophisticated. Try to use this look late summer, early fall for the perfect look.

cypress green wedding ideas fall 2014

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