Save Your Budget with Fun and Quirky Wedding Party Games

Why not revisit your childhood during your 2013 / 2014 wedding day? We are certain that guests of all ages will love the fun activities that you have lined up. Wedding party games are perfect for summer venues where you can make the most of wide-open spaces and oversized traditional wedding reception / ceremony games while guests get to stroll in the sunshine.

outdoor wedding reception games ideas

Make sure that if you do go down this route to ensure that there are plenty of games to keep everyone occupied rather than queuing up as it may take the fun out of the idea. These games don’t need to be expensive, of course you can order giant Jenga blocks, Connect Four sets and Dominos but there are so many other games that come without the ordering costs.

yard wedding games 2014

DIY Games

Collect lots of bottles leading up to the big day, we all know how easy it is to collect a large collection of wine and beer bottles, so save them up and spray them pretty to make a game of knock the bottles over.

outdoor wedding games ideas knock bottles overDIY puzzle wedding games

photo from Studio 29 Photography

Also try to round up some large potato sacks from your local grocery shop and have the groomsmen race across a lawn or a simple old-fashioned egg and spoon race.

outdoor DIY running wedding reception games

wedding games ideas - guess who is the groom


As we just mentioned there are so many games to rent, just make sure that you choose carefully and from a reputable company to ensure you have no rental hassles to deal with on your big day.

Lawn wedding games ideas-Bocci Ball

outdoor wedding party games ideas

Indoor Winter Games

Don’t let the weather spoil your chance of doing something fun and quirky, you can still make the most of indoor spaces and they can be just as much fun. Try photo booths to get a smile out of guests and it will provide everyone with fabulous memories of your big day with photos to cherish. Also make the most of paper games and quizzes to keep guests occupied.

indoor wedding game ideas 2014

wedding reception games photo booth

DIY wedding party game ideas

image from ETSY

Please make sure you share your ideas of previous experiences with wedding games to help give your fellow brides some reliable information and ideas to make their dream wedding.

indoor wedding reception games

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  1. Hi there,
    It looks like you’ve taken a photo of the yellow cootie catcher from my shop and forgotten to give credit or provide a link. If anyone is interested in getting a custom cootie catcher designed for their big day they can check out my etsy shop to see all the different styles I offer –

    – Sarah

    1. Hello Lauren,
      Glad to hear from you. The original source of this photo is from wedding chicks. Here is the link: . Hope it can help you.

  2. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally,
    it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You obviously know what youre talking about,

  3. These are some great ideas and would help many to have fun time at wedding events. At Jenjo Games, we have exciting indoor and outdoor games that are perfect for all ages. I am sure you will definitely find something interesting. Thanks!

  4. All these games = fond childhood memories . Nintendo had so many quality games . The 90s was the golden age of gaming. Damnit makes me want to hunt down a snes now .I do have Roms but it’s not the same . … Btw Eye of the beholder was one of the greatest rpgs released for SNES.

  5. Uh F-Zero was the TITS in 91, Yoshis Island, ZeldaLink to Past/ChronoTrigger, Mario Cart/SuperMarioWorld & Turtles inTime OMG, fantastic games. SF2 was the game that started al the fighting craze… PERIOD.Mortal Kompats don’t belong on this list, as they did nothing for gaming other than the rating system & Ultra Hype that evaporates after a wek of playing unlike SF, also pick one of EarthWorm Jims not 1&2, they’re almost identical. Also StarFox was just good, i bought it, got boring in a couple of weeks.

  6. The phone runs on iOS bike race cheats and Android systems are triumphing against handhelds’.
    Tower Bloxx’s New York adaptation enables users to carry the game is somewhat outdated now.

  7. A Link to the Past should not be #1, in my opinion. The concept of the Zelda games is not suitable for everyone. I had to use walkthroughs for Ocarina of Time, and now I’m wondering why it’s suddenly regarded as one of the greatest games ever, especially with all the hullabaloo about the Water Temple. Super Mario World on the other hand, has a easy to use/understand concept of just making it to the end of a level, with no frustrating no-hints given puzzles that you can learn from and not get frustrated with from getting lost, and again, was a pack-in game. Arguably the best of all games packaged with systems.

  8. am i the only one that played “”B.O.B”” and thought it should have been number two??? (lets face it Zelda deserved to be number one all day long) or at least on the list at the very least…. i mean a robot going through all that to get his dipstick oily is just to much fun…

  9. I’m searching for a super nintendo beat’em’up style game, that I never seen since my childhood.
    It featured big buffed guys, and you could beat wending machines, to give you canned drink, that you could drink (seemingly the character was pressing the can against his forehead as he drank) and gain lifebar back. Anyone remembers?

  10. Mariokart better than Chrono Trigger? No. Especially when you take into account that it hasn’t aged very well. Mario games are often overrated just because it’s Mario. Also, Zelda is great but a bit overrated. It’s not the best on the system. Doesn’t deserve to be #1 on so many lists. I think Super Metroid is probably #1.

  11. the turn-based rpg genre is a bit over-represented here also Donkey Kong Country should have been way higher (28th place as it is), ign even says it saved the console and then they put 2 Tetris games over it? personal taste transpired a bit too much in this.

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