The Grooms First Glance at his Bride

That special moment when the groom first claps eyes on his beloved bride. It’s a nerve wracking second for both sides of the party and after years of famous movies and TV shows putting pressure on that specific moment, it’s a daunting time for both the bride and groom, as they wonder how they are really going to feel, when they do finally see one-another walking down the aisle.

groom and bride first look wedding photography
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sweet first look wedding photo
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beach wedding photo
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pretty wedding photo

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However we are feeling confident after seeing so many of these loved up grooms smitten with their gorgeous brides and here’s just a few of our favorites…but beware they may bring a tear or two to the eye.

sweet groom's first look wedding photo
photo from Benj Haisch Photography
groom crying moment
photo from Onelove Photography
bride crying wedding photo
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outdoor wedding idea
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rainy wedding ideas
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groom first glance at his bride
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The first look is such an important moment to capture. So everyone, just grab a tissue and remember these most adorable and beautiful moments.

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