Top 10 Pantone Inspired Fall Wedding Colors 2015

I always look forward to the seasonal Pantone color report, whatever walk of life you’re in or whatever you’re planning, from home decoration, a new outfit or a wedding; Pantone and color forecasting can ultimately determine the finished design.

Right now Pantone offer an insight into designer’s workspaces and minds to give you more background and focus on the color palette at hand. So brides make sure you take some time to have a quick browse over their full report. But for brides on the go, stay put and we’ll give you the lowdown on this coming autumn/ fall palette and everything you need to know for styling a fall wedding.

Pantone's top 10 fashion colors for fall wedding 2015


An Evolving Color Landscape

“This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.” 

The Colors

Dried Herb

An earthy olive green shade that is perfect for autumn outdoor woodland wedding venues. This natural green shade will help complete any rustic theme. We love the pairing of Dried Herb with Cashmere Rose or Desert Sage.

country inspired dried herb moss green fall wedding color ideas 2015

photo by Lane Dittoe fine art wedding photography via SMP | Stone Crandall Photography via Bridal Musings | Megan Pomeroy Photography via SMP

Desert Sage

A cool and soothing greenish gray, great all on it’s own or perfect with seasonal white blooms. It’s a favorite shade this year for bridesmaids and invitation designers will be seeing a lot of this color for simple typography styles and geometric prints.

desert sage green fall wedding color inspiration by Pantone

photo by Heidi Ryder via SMP | Wedding Chicks | Karyn Louise Photography via SMP

Stormy Weather

A cool blue gray shade that is strong and will make such a powerful and diverse statement. You could be daring and plant this color alone or alternatively dilute it with Cashmere Rose and Amethyst Orchid or Cadmium Orange and Biscay Bay.

dark grey wedding color ideas for fall inspired weddings 2015

photo by This Modern Romance via Ruffle Blog | Michelle March Photography via SMP | Spencer Combs via SMP

Oak Buff

A mellow, comforting and warming shade that offers positive vibes, therefore a wise choice for any wedding right? We love bouquets in this hopeful color and also small pockets of sunshine, so the groomsmen’s ties and socks would work well in this color.

pantone oak buff inspired yellow and grey fall wedding color palette

photo by Mandy Paige Photography via Fab You Bliss | Ruffled Blog | Camille Styles


Interesting on its own and a wonderful contrast for other hues, Marsala is a winey red-brown that gives us elegance and grandeur. This fall we love tabletops ornamented in Marsala and it’s also a pleasing color option with bridesmaids.

marsala nude wedding color inspiration ideas for rustic autumn weddings

photo by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer via Polka Dot Bride | Bridal Musings | Knots Villa | Mod Wedding

Biscay Bay

A lush and dreamy teal shade for bridesmaids, it looks sophisticated and elegant in chiffon, satin and lace. We love this color alone or with simple splashes of ivory.

unique ocean blue wedding color scheme for beach and country weddings 2015

photo by Chic Vintage Brides | Laura Ivanova Photography via SMP | Jasmine Star Photography via Heart Love Always

Reflecting Pond

Thoughtful, contemplative and composed, this dark cool blue could be the perfect companion to one of the other shades in this palette, try adding this to a dominant Cashmere Rose or Biscay Bay theme.

pantone dark blue wedding color ideas inspired by reflecting pond

photo by Rebecca Arthurs Photography via SMP | DeFiore Photography via SMP | Tyler Rye Photography via Burnetts Boards | Wendy Laurel via Green Wedding Shoes

Cadmium Orange

A nod to the ’60s and ’70s, this orange shade is playful and energetic. It also has sophistication when used alone or with similar hues.  If this orange is just too much for you, then why not simply use it as a highlight.

cadmium orange and white inspired fall wedding 2015

photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography via SMP | MARCIE LYNN PHOTOGRAPHY via SMP

Cashmere Rose

Cashmere Rose is a tactile, soft pink hue that is beautiful for early fall weddings, not only is it elegant and surprising, but it’s also a great play away from other pinks we’re set to see this year. While summer focuses on more orange-based pinks this blue hued pink is a refreshing change for autumn.

cashmere rose pink wedding color inspiration for autumn weddings 2015

photo by Mod Wedding | Krista Fox via SMP | Moxie Pix Photos by Dana via SMP

Amethyst Orchid

Intriguing, vibrant and unique, this color is great for those wanting to shake up those traditional autumn colors, just make sure you don’t loose the complete look of Fall and mix this purple hue with the likes of Stormy Weather for a more subdued look.

2015 amethyst rrchid and dark purple wedding color ideas inspired by Pantone

photo by Belle the Magazine | Khaki Bedford Photography via SMP

This palette is great for homing in on historic movements seen throughout the last century in America from the seductive ‘20s to the bohemian hippie and modernists of the ‘60s and ‘70s.  The palette also gives the nod to outdoor, rustic and bohemian themes and solidifies their huge place in the wedding industry right now. So how can we make clever use of this color selection and how many colors should you use? Well it ultimately comes down to personal taste, however some we feel some are strong enough to sing solo, while others can be cunningly paired off and the rest play part in a risky love triangle. What’s your opinion?

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