Top 6 Classic Winter Wedding Color Combo Ideas & Trends

We’re always on the look out for updated color direction, inspiration and inspiring color combos for a variety of weddings. This year like every other we’ve dug our heads in magazines, trendy sites and scoured local wedding fairs to come up with six classic color combinations perfect for winter. The exciting part starts now…

Top 6 Classic Winter Wedding Color Ideas and Combos

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Red & Black 

red and black winter wedding color ideas and trends

A color combo, which is often associated with all things gothic, when it actually doesn’t need to say Goth, but instead classic and elegant. These two colors carefully put together can look truly amazing, it’s just making sure you don’t overdue the look and add hints of the colors here and there to ensure these overpowering colors don’t take over. Also try adding touches of white or other bold colors to water down this dramatic combo up. However if you do love all things gothic then we also have a few ideas that will put a new spin on the look.

black and red wedding decoration color ideas and bridesmaid dresses styles

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White & Green 

white and green winter wedding color combo ideas 2014-2015

Most people will automatically think of spring when they here white and green together. But consider Mistletoe that gorgeous olive green teamed naturally with those ivory berries and that’s all the inspiration you’ll need. Don’t be afraid to add some hint’s of gold in there too, just to ensure you’ve got that all important seasonal cheer in there that guests will probably be looking for. Try doing this through font writing, pinecones or even orangey wood.

white and green winter wedding ideas and green bridesmaid dresses

wedding dress- Dallas Curow Photography via Ruffled Blog / bride with green crown- Jacque Lynn Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs / bridesmaid dresses & cupcakes- Orange Girl Photographs via SMP 

Green & Red 

green and red christmas winter wedding color ideas

If your dream is to use festive Christmas colors, then a combination of red and green will look gorgeous. Try to keep natural shades of green and red so that it doesn’t end up looking like Santa’s grotto. We love lush green pine trees and sprigs of holly mixed with those juicy red berries or even fluffy red roses, which will ensure green doesn’t take over.

red and green color and decoration ideas for winter inspired wedding 2014-2015

invitations- Nicole Berrett Photography via Ruffled Blog / red dresses- In Bliss Weddings / crown- Green Wedding Shoes / green invites- Rachel Bonness Design

Pink & Brown 

pink and brown winter wedding color combos and trends 2014

There’s nothing more cozier than rich hot chocolate served with fluffy pink marshmallows and that’s kind of where our inspiration comes for the next wintery color combo. It’s not a classic color choice for winter, but we think it’s going to be a big look for the next few winters ahead of us, especially since the surge of rustic winter venues came along.

brown and pink winter wedding ideas with pretty pink bridesmaid dresses

mason jars- Pinterest / red dress with brown belt- Julie Williams Photography via SMP / wedding dress- Gabe McClintock via Green Wedding Shoes / invitations- Southern Weddings

Black & White

classic black and white winter wedding color ideas

Classic and stylish black and white weddings are always nothing short of elegant and refined. The simplicity of color and design make everything look exclusive and very expensive, which let’s face it is always a bonus. If you want to spice this traditional color combo up, then why not try touches of gold or pale pink, it will really just give it that festive seasonal cheer.

white and black winter wedding decoration ideas 2014-2015

bride & invitation & cake- B&G Photography via SMP / bridesmaid dresses- Emily Steffen

Blue & Grey 

blue and grey winter wedding color trends and ideas

Two very complimentary colors, grey and blue hues look fabulous for any winter wedding, it is an obvious choice, but it’s one that will never let you down. Why not try using a little silver to give it that festive lift. Brides are choosing from a wide range of blue hues for this season, from formal navy to more fun teal and aqua shades.

navy blue and grey wedding decor for winter themed wedding 2014-2015

bridesmaids- Michael Will Photography / table decor- Love Lux Blog

So ladies do you agree with our predictions for winter? Or are there any other color combos out there that may have slipped our net? If so please do post a comment below, we always love to hear readers thoughts!

bridesmaid dresses styles for winter wedding

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  1. These are all beautiful color schemes for winter weddings. In particular, I like the green and white color option, and I would throw in gold too. Thanks for sharing!

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