We Love Grey Bridesmaid Dresses in 2014

This season we are completely in love with everything grey! Yes that’s right! Grey! We know traditionally this color has a bad rap and is generally not a color that we associate with happiness, ultimately making this color a seemingly unpopular choice.

So why the sudden change of heart? Grey has been revived with the help of spring like colors, such as canary yellow, blush and primrose pink they bring this color to life and with the right balance these color combinations can look truly sophisticated, elegant and joyful, the perfect ingredients for a successful wedding.

grey wedding details

How to use grey?

Grey really stands out against stark white, so if you’re choosing a pure white gown then grey bridesmaid dresses may be the ideal choice. There are so many shades of grey to choose from and you really need to consider the fabric you intend to use as this may alter the tone of grey. We think shiny satins and draped chiffons should be your top choice of material this year, based around the season in which you plan to wed in.

pale grey bridesmaid dresses 2014

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gray bridesmaid dresses ideas

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chiffon grey bridesmaid dresses 2014

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charcoal grey bridesmaid dresses for summer 2014

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Grey Color Combinations

As mentioned earlier grey looks fabulous with spring colors and white, so keep this mixture of colors jotted down in your diary. Below are a few suggestions on how you can successfully combine them.

Grey and Canary Yellow

grey and yellow wedding inspiration 2014

photo credits: Kimberly Chau PhotographyRon Miller PhotographyJamie D PhotographyTara McMullen

Grey and Primrose Pink

grey and primrose pink wedding idea 2014

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Grey and Blush Pink

Grey and blush pink wedding ideas  for summer 2014

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