Wedding Trends – Special Back Design Details of Bridesmaid Dresses 2014

mint bridesmaid dress with keyhole back

When we look to buy any form of clothing we always focus on the front and the poor back design often gets over looked. As a designer I can tell you that it’s sometimes easy to do, you are so preoccupied with the front that the back simply just gets neglected. Another reason for this is also due to price, designers are often encouraged by buyers to leave the back empty as we never look at this when browsing the shops so why would we make the garment more expensive if it’s not going to be seen?

Well this year things are set to change as the fronts get simplified and time and money is ready to be spent on the back design. We have seen many top designer bridal gowns in past years, but now the maids have their turn to shine too! Here are some of our favourite and most imaginative designs on the market right now!

Fancy Logos

We have seen so many beautiful cuts to the back of dresses, but one big look for the season is the heart shape, we are also set to see lots of cross over straps and pretty jewel keyhole shapes.

blue short bridesmaid dresses with heart back bridesmaid dresses with heart back blue printed bridesmaid dresses 2014 bridesmaid dresses with keyhole back


Because there are just so many gorgeous back designs this year, bridesmaids simply cannot make up their minds on just one style and so have decided just to choose what they want making up a variety of styles in one wedding, which looks great on a photo-shoot.

long purple bridesmaid dresses with gorgeous backs 2014 chiffon bridesmaid dress with cross backs 2014 convertible bridesmaid dresses short convertible bridesmaid dresses Purple Multifunctional Long Bridesmaid Dress TBQP169_a1 Blue Purple Multifunctional Chiffon Long Formal Dress TBQP169_a2

Bows and All

At the neckline, on the back of the waist and anywhere in between, designers have gone bow crazy and we just love the look.

grey bridesmaid dresses with bows bridesmaid dresses with cut bow backs

Cowl Backs

We’ve seen many front cowl designs over the past few years, but now the back is also getting a taste of the same medicine.

cowl back bridesmaid dress 2014 pretty bridesmaid dresses with cowl backs

If you have spotted your dream dress here and would like to customize your own, simply get in touch for a chat and we’ll discuss how to create the perfect look for you.

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