White Wedding Ideas to Sparkle 2014

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of wedding ideas out there, then one way to make the day look special without too much thought, time and attention is to make the theme simply white. By choosing white you can achieve a gorgeous and luxurious feel to the day. Another reason to choose white is that you don’t have to worry about matching everything up and you could end up with more pennies to spend on that all-important honeymoon. The perfect reason in itself to go white this season! So points to consider…

white wedding 2014

Sweets and Treats

Yes a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without something sweet. When it comes to the cake and food buffet just make everything white, white and white, don’t worry about it looking boring, it will only put more emphasis on the shapes and sizes, so make sure you mix it up with round bonbons and snowy covered almonds.

white wedding treats white wedding food


A big trend in itself this year, white is big for bridesmaids, but you just need to ensure the length, style and fabric is different to the brides, just so guests don’t get confused! Make sure that all dresses are white and not a yellowy off-white, as it may look dirty next to the bride’s stark white dress.

white bridesmaid dresses white flower girl dress white wedding dress with mask


Keep designs simple, when it comes to achieving the right look, less is definitely more, try using navy blue handwriting just instead of the expected black. Focus on getting gorgeous calligraphy handwriting, as it will really stand out on the pure white background. Gorgeous!!

white wedding invitations white wedding invitation

Table Decor

Whether you go the whole hog or just employ a touch of white, table decor ideas in white look traditional, classic and very formal. It can look like you’ve spent a lot of money on decorations, when in fact you have paid the bare minimum. Candles, flowers and balloons all look amazing in white.  Consider if you will work the look with a wooden table and other natural materials or if you’ll use drapes of fabrics to make sure every inch of the table Is covered in white.

white wedding table decoration white wedding decor white wedding decoration 2014


When it comes to flowers we think they don’t come any classier than simple classic white and what’s more you can choose from a huge range of gorgeous posies in white, ranging from roses to baby’s breath! Yes that’s right babes breath is huge this year and the best news is that it comes very cheap and gives you amazing results.

white wedding bouquets

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