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Wedding Veil Guide

Scroll right down to see everything you want to know about veil.

Veil Colors

Veils come in a range of shades including white, ivory and beige. Match your wedding dress's color if you can, or go with the one that's closest.


Bright stark white. Select this color if your gown is "white"


A light, soft hue color. If your gown is called ivory, this is usually the best match.


Choose beige if your dress is true dark ivory.

Veil Lengths

As you may have noticed, veils come in different styles, sizes, and materials. Based on length, there are a few types of veils.

bridal veil length guide from Tulle & Chantilly


It's an easy, wearable length. Approx. 30 inches long.


Fingertip length veils should hit at the fingertip when the fingers are extended. Mantilla veils look gorgeous at this length. Approximately 35-45 inches. This option provides a traditional look but also works with tea-length dresses and alternative bridal styles.


Waltz is a length that’s as graceful as its name. Approximately 55-60 inches


Some designers create an ankle-length chapel, others design to have it sit on the floor. So it’s also called sweep. Here at tulleandchantilly, we feel the chapel length should hit at about the floor. The length gives a slight trail that’s fairly walkable. Approximately 90 inches.


The cathedral veil is the longest, most regal, most formal, and most dramatic veil of all. With more than 100 inches of fabric extending from the comb, most brides request that their cathedral veil hit at the train of their dress or just beyond.

Veil Styles

Just like veil lengths, veil styles have many names. Here is how we refer to them here at tulleandchantilly.

Mantilla Veil

Mantilla veils are of Spanish origin. The circular, Spanish-style mantilla veil features a thicker lace trim along its edge. Softly drape the veil over your head and the embellished border will frame your face for the prettiest effect.

Juliet Cap

A Juliet cap is a small open-work crocheted or mesh cap, often decorated with pearls, beads or jewels, and chiefly worn as bridal wear. The Juliet Cap is a vintage style popularized in the 1920's and having another moment. The Juliet can be long or short and is styled with gathers on each side of the head above the ear to create a 'cap' look.

Waterfall Veils

Waterfall Veils are also known as cascade and angel cut bridal veils. The cut of the veil forms gentle waves that flow down the sides.

2-Tier Blusher Veils

This style of veil has a traditional comb attachment but has two tiers of material coming from the comb. Sometimes the tiers are different lengths, sometimes the same length. Two layers add extra fullness. Double layer wedding veils add interest to wedding gowns.
The long tier can be detachable which will allow easier movement at the reception, especially nice for long veils.

Drop Veils

This stye is common in bridal editorial and is sometimes called an 'oval veil' or a 'over the face' veil. Oval Wedding Veils are like 2 tier traditional bridal veils, but only part of the width is gathered across the fold on top.

Blusher Veils

Tiers are layers of a wedding veil.
Blusher is worn over face A Blusher is the top layer worn over the face during the wedding ceremony.
2 Tier Veil can be a blusher veil. If you want to use the shorter layer as a blusher, it can be worn over the face for the ceremony and then flipped back after.

Trim and Embellishments

The trim or embellishments on your veil doesn't have to mimic your dress's details perfectly, but it's lovely when they complement each other.

Alençon Lace

Alençon lace or point d'Alençon is a needle lace that originated in Alençon, France. It is sometimes called the "Queen of lace." It was first made in the 16th century, and is renowned for its fine netting ground, corded outlined floral patterns, and heavenly detailing. Alençon lace is superlative as trim for wedding gowns and bridal veils.


Chantilly is a delicate French lace with a floral design made with silk thread on a net background. Chantilly lace is known for its fine ground, outlined pattern, and abundant detail.

Guipure Lace

Guipure lace is a type of bobbin lace. It connects the motifs with bars or plaits rather than net or mesh. The lace work is independent and is not sewn onto a mesh or net fabric. The floral or geometric pattern is connected by silk thread and comes as a fabric or as appliques.

Beaded Lace

We offer a selection of beaded laces and will also hand-bead custom laces per a bride's request. Beaded laces are a heavier weight a pair well with English Net which holds up to their weight better.
Our Beaded lace is embellished with beads, crystals and sequins and can result in a slightly antique look.

Silk Ribbon Trim

Ribbon trim veils have a soft silk ribbon sewn onto the edge.

Veil Materials

Delicate French Tulle

With the lightweight feel of traditional bridal tulle, the Tulleandchantilly delicate French Tulle is slightly more opaque, holds up to wear a tear better, and has a slightly more romantic and soft drape than traditional bridal illusion tulle.

English Net

English Net is not as fluffy as bridal illusion and not as transparent, semi-transparent. Its soft texture and drape is romantic but not too heavy. Its look mimics silk but doesn't come with the same price tag. English Net also works very well with most laces as its weight holds up better to lace appliques or trims.

Swiss Dot

Dotted Swiss, also known as Swiss Dot, is a sheer cotton fabric that is embellished with small dots. It is a soft nylon tulle with polka dots adorning the finish. The Swiss Dot on the Tulleandchantilly Swiss Dot Veil is a softer, more finely woven material that is slightly opaque with a romantic drape similar to English Net.

Care tips:

Here are 7 simple steps to follow for storage of your lengthy veil:

1. Lay the veil on a smooth flat surface. Smooth out wrinkles.
2. Fold the veil width wise in half and again smooth out wrinkles.
3. Fold until the veil is about 12″ – 15″ wide, smoothing out the wrinkles as you go.
4. Using a hanger, carefully slide the veil onto the hanger from the top.
5. When the hanger reaches mid-point of the veil, pull the hanger up so the veil hangs nicely.
6. To protect your veil from dust and other potentially harmful foreign matter, it is a smart idea to keep it within a breathable garment bag.
7. Once you have properly hung up your veil and placed it in a bridal garment bag, hang in an uncrowded closet at room temperature.
8. Store it away from sunlight

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